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April 2012 Table of Contents
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From the Editor
Your Nature
  Give your home an energy check-up
    Simple steps can save energy, money, and reduce pollution. You probably know some of these… but not all.
  Let the sun shine!
    Activists fight fees that will slow down adoption of solar electricity – an area where San Diego leads the nation.
Naval Base Coronado’s green energy initiative
The Navy is building 15 large “solar trees” to generate electricity. Who knew?
SDG&E Receives Climate Leadership Award
Global Ecology
San Diego Zoo Global to conserve wildlife habitat
through partnership
San Diego Zoo Global and Nature and Culture International are conserving millions of acres of tropical forest and habitat.
Saving species means addressing overpopulation
That’s HUMAN overpopulation, in case you were wondering.
Earth Day 2012
EarthFair 2012 in Balboa Park on April 22
A quick guide to what to see and do at this landmark event.
  Attend Awards Reception in honor of Earth Day
  Awarding inspiration
    Nominate your own environmental hero to receive an EARTH Award at the Very Important Planet Reception in May.
  EarthFair 2012 Program Guide
Also in Balboa Park
Some things to do in Balboa Park other than EarthFair.
Keeping the “Earth Day Spirit” alive
Pollution and Waste
  The problem with plastic bags
  Climate, carbon, and political will
Diet and Health
10 Protein-Packed Plants
Air pollution thickens the blood
Local Issues
State conservation bills and good government

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