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April 2017 Table of Contents
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Change causes upset – then what?


  ReWild Mission Bay
    The decades-long project to recreate the historic wetlands in the northeast corner of Mission Bay is coming to fruition.
  Making San Diego climate-resilient
    Weaving together science, community, and art to safeguard our communities from climate impacts.
California universities launch experiment to go carbon-neutral “at scale
Science, not silence – MARCH for SCIENCE
Saturday, April 22, Downtown San Diego
Reality happens, regardless of politics
Saturday, April 29, Downtown San Diego
EarthFair 2017 in Balboa Park on April 23
What you can see and do that this 28th annual event.
  Attend Awards Reception in honor of Earth Day
  Awarding inspiration
    Nominate your own environmental hero to receive an EARTH Award at the Very Important Planet Reception in May.
  Behind the Art
    Meet artist Jennifer Hewitson, a long time benefactor of San Diego EarthWorks whose works capture the spirit of Earth Day.
Haiku for Interesting Times
Some things to do in Balboa Park other than EarthFair.
EarthFair 2017 Program and Map
  Landmark report: Hundreds of native bee species
sliding toward extinction
    Our lives depend on the services of these simple creatures.
  Repair aware
    When you break stuff… fix it!


Why politicians think they know better than scientists –
and why that’s so dangerous
  One of the most unexpected political developments in recent months has been the political awakening of scientists in the United States.
Why science? Why not?
We aren’t so different – 3 steps to overcome
hate and fear
  Avoiding Trump supporters only increases our already
dangerous polarization. Here’s how to really listen and find compassion.

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