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Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory List of links: Horticulture, farming ...
American Farm Bureau - The Voice of Agriculture Brought to you by the American Farm Bureau Federation. It is your link to news and views on farming, ranching and rural life and a starting point for connections to state and county Farm Bureaus as well as some top-notch ag-related web sites.
American Farmland Trust   A private, nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving agricultural resources. AFT's mission is to stop the loss of productive farmland and promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment. Its approach is a farmer-friendly mix of public education, on-farm demonstration projects and public policy development at the national, state and local levels.
California Native Plant Society
San Diego Chapter
 The Mission of The California Native Plant Society is to Increase Understanding and Appreciation of California's Native Plants, and to Preserve Them in Their Natural Habitat Through Scientific Activities, Education, and Conservation.
California Wildflower Hotsheet This wildflower status report is compiled and maintained by writer/photographer Carol Leigh. Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Please e-mail me your observations, additions, comments, etc. (being as specific as possible about location) and I'll include them here. If you're looking for detailed information on specific wildflower locations in California (including maps and blooming times), then you need my book, 88 California Wildflower Locations. Click here for details.
Country Garden & Smallholding The UK's practical magazine for poultry, humane livestock keeping, organic gardening & growing, smallholding, homesteading & small-scale farming. (Site contains sample articles and info, not the whole pub)
Environmental Working Group Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce
Farmland Information Library   Resources to Protect Farmland
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  The Food and Agriculture Organization was founded in October 1945 with a mandate to raise levels of nutrition and standards of living, to improve agricultural productivity, and to better the condition of rural populations.
Las Pilitas: California Native Plants A nursery growing California native plants, repairing/restoring ecosystems, and creating native landscapes since 1974. Website has lots of how-to information.
Marcia's Vermiculture Composting Worms are vital in the production of topsoil and in the life cycle process, "things being born, living, dying, and being reborn again." It's nature's way of completing the recycling loop. Worms have the ability to convert organic waste into nutrient-rich material called castings or wormpoop, greatly reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers. It's like gold at the end of the rainbow.
Mastercomposter An on-line source of Home Composting Information. They include instructions for compost piles, worm composting, and other methods. They have an alphabetized list of organic materials and appropriate compost methods for them. There are also instructions for building bins and other subjects.
Master Gardeners of San Diego Over one-hundred Master Gardeners provide home gardening and pest control information through out the county, FREE to the public. The Master Gardeners are volunteers trained and supervised by Farm Advirsor Vincent Lazaneo, of the University of California Cooperative Extention (UCCE). The mission of the UCCE is to conduct research on issues impacting the county, and to put the results of that research to good use. Cooperative Extension offices are located in counties throughout the nation.
North Central Institute for Sustainable Systems An initiative to provide practical experiential learning opportunities in sustainable agricultural systems.
The Plant-It 2020  Plant-It 2020 is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) foundation dedicated to properly planting, maintaining and protecting as many indigenous trees as possible worldwide.
RotWeb All about composting: how-to, resources ...
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program From UC Davis
Union of Concerned Scientists The common threads of global sustainability and global security weave the UCS's work on agriculture, arms control, energy, global resources, and transportation into a unified vision: achieving a secure and sustainable world today without sacrificing the environment of tomorrow.
Urban Agricultural Notes It concerns itself with all manner of subjects from rooftop gardens, to composting toilets, to air pollution and community development. It encompasses mental and physical health, entertainment, building codes, rats, fruit trees, herbs, recipes and much more.
WIRE: Western Integrated Ranch/Farm Education Constructing sound management systems for western agricultural operators; manage ranch/farm resources in a holistic manner.
World Agricultural Information Center The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations provide clients with access to FAO's vast library of information on agriculture, fisheries, forestry, nutrition and rural development.