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Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory  List of links: K-12, Colleges, Universities...
Bureau of Land Management: Education  Teacher resources on topics such as Great Basin ecosystems, gold mining and fire ecology. With over 270 million acres as their laboratory, individuals can learn about the delicate life cycle of salmon, the diversity of native western wildflowers, or the mysterious migratory patterns of neotropical birds from this new education site at the BLM. The Bureau also covers restoring historic buildings, excavating archaeological sites, and recording archeological rock art. The site includes educational programs & resources, school based approaches, and public education & participation.
Chula Vista Nature Center Seek to educate the public about the importance of enhancing and conserving wetlands and other coastal resources.
Conniry's Native Skills & Wilderness School "All classes are based on a simple philosophy - in order to heal the earth, we must once again become connected to her. Learning primitive earth skills develops a unique physical and spiritual awareness and reinforces the need to re-establish our role as caretakers of the earth. With emphasis on the need to give back more than we take, all classes are a way of demonstrating our thanks for the many gifts of the earth. Treated with respect and humility the earth will always provide, for she is indeed, our mother."
FiltersFast.com Air Quality Lesson Plans A ton of information on the various lesson plans on air quality
Green Growing Environmental Education Project Five lessons on agriculture, food and sustainable development
Leonardo Academy Inc.  Leonardo Academy Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing issues affecting people and the environment on an interdisciplinary basis. The Leonardo Academy's mission includes addressing
environmental issues, energy issues, and sustainability. The Leonardo Academy's work includes policy and technical analysis of energy and environmental issues as well as energy and environmental education. Leonardo Academy has an interest in exploring both market mechanisms and traditional approaches to achieving environmental improvement, increased energy efficiency, and sustainability. In the area of market mechanisms Leonardo Academy seeks to foster opportunities for the profit motive and the marketing skills of the private sector to become engines for driving increased energy efficiency and environmental improvement at a lower cost. In the area of traditional approaches Leonardo Academy seeks to support increased understanding of the full benefits of achievement of environmental and energy efficiency objectives as well as the identification of lower cost means for achieving these objectives.
PlanetPals.com and PlanetPals.com/earthday Ezine. Huge repository of earth-related information for kids: Recycle kits, Recycle Crafts, Energy pages, Peace Pages, Earthday Stickers to send, Earthday Greetings to send, Earthday Countdown, Environmental Calendar, Earthday Pledge 2000, Ideas for TEACHERS and PARENTS, and LOTS more.
Wild by nature

Wild By Nature was originally formed in 1989 as the Children's Ecology Club in Mira Mesa, a north-central community of San Diego, California. Kathryn Wild, the founder, had been urged by her daughter Lani, then a first-grader, to enlist interested and curious youngsters from San Diego schools to participate in an ecology club. One of the main objectives was for the kids to "adopt" a local species, and to request the assistance of a teacher to be an on-site expert and mentor. Frequently, the club hiked in the local chaparral, canyons, and mesas to observe and learn about the many fascinating plants and animals. The youngsters and Kathryn would often narrate their findings to classmates, teachers and other conservation groups.

Kathryn followed her heart when organizing this club. Her undergraduate work revolved around Native American elementary education, and her doctoral work focused on health education. Having earned her Ph.D., Kathryn's work evolved into Nature Studies. She took her love of the outdoors seriously, and became affiliated with many environmental causes. This solid background has truly complemented Kathryn's desire to appreciate and understand our precious planet and its innumerable ecosystems.

Due to the growing popularity of the club, it was transformed into Wild By Nature, and incorporated in early 1994 as a non-profit environmental organization. The organization is currently comprised of the following individuals: Kathryn, Ellen Bauder, Ph.D., Beverly Ward Trust, Barbara Moran, and Jane Owen. Wild By Nature still operates out of Mira Mesa, which happens to be home to diverse and fragile habitats known as vernal pools.