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A Common Purpose for Clean Energy  "Bringing People Together To Protect Our Planet By Using Biomass, Wind, Solar, And Geothermal Energy"
Alliance to Save Energy A coalition of prominent business, government, environmental and consumer leaders who promote the efficient and clean use of energy worldwide to benefit the environment, economy and national security.
American Solar Energy Society The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is a national organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy for the benefit of U.S. citizens and the global environment. ASES promotes the widespread near-term and long-term use of solar energy. ASES sponsors the National Solar Energy Conference, publishes SOLAR TODAY magazine and Advances in Solar Energy, publishes white papers, sponsors issue Roundtables in Washington, DC, distributes solar publications, organizes a Solar Action Network and has regional chapters throughout the country. ASES is the United States Section of the International Solar Energy Society.
Better World Magazine online   Alternative environmental technologies
California Energy Commission Home Page   State's primary energy policy and planning agency, charged with ensuring a reliable and affordable energy supply.
Center for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies CEERT is a unique collaboration of major environmental organizations, public interest groups and clean technology companies working to achieve a more sustainable energy future. By aggregating the expertise and resources of our coalition members from both the public interest and business sectors, CEERT has emerged as a compelling force on behalf of clean, renewable energy resources and energy efficiency measures in key policy making debates on the local, state and federal level. As the nation's electric utility industry reshapes itself in the face of competitive pressure, technological advancements and consumer demand, CEERT is working to provide citizens with new opportunities to help solve some of our most challenging environmental problems by plugging into clean power.
The Cleaner and Greener Energy and Environment Program  The Cleaner and Greenersm Program is a service of Leonardo Academy Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing environmental pollution. The Cleaner and Greenersm Environment Program of Leonardo Academy helps individuals, organizations, and businesses have a direct impact on reducing environmental emissions.
The Common Purpose Institute For Energy And Environmental Solutions Bringing people together to protect our environment ny increasing the use of biomass, wind, solar, geothermal, and energy efficiency.
Clean Power Research Clean Power Research specializes in the economic evaluation of renewable energy (e.g., photovoltaics and wind).  This site contains software and 10+ years of research results.
Ecomall  Large list of energy organizations and companies.
The Energy Guy This site provides links to a vast array of energy products and services, helps you learn how to find and select services in your local area, as well as criteria to help you compare the quality and investment value of your choices.
Energy Information on Internet  HUGE list of web links to energy orgs
Freeplay Energy Group

Our Purpose: Freeplay Energy Group is the pioneer and world leader of Self-power: the concept, the technology, the products and the industry which empower the user to put human energy into a range of electronic products, and make them work. Our purpose is To Provide Access to Energy for All, delivering freedom from the dead battery, the electrical power failure or - for most of the world - no electricity at all.

Our Core Ideologies

  • Empower our customers, investors, partners and employees.
  • Maintain a platform of Morality in Decision Making.
  • Drive for Fresh Thinking, and challenge convention.
  • Deal with Candor and transparency.
  • Make Friends.
  • Achieve Results.
Go Solar!  Beginners guide to solar energy.
Grass Roots Support for Clean Energy  Bringing people together to promote renewable energy from biomass, wind, solar, and geothermal.
Home Power Magazine  "Hands-on journal of home-made power," practical info on do-it-yourself solar energy.
The Hydrogen Energy Center The Hydrogen Energy Center (THEC) is a group working to introduce hydrogen into the energy economy of Maine and the New England region. We are a non-profit, membership organization dedicated to demonstrating the benefits and methods of a renewable hydrogen energy economy. We will offer and support new hydrogen technologies as they become available. We work to bring hydrogen into the mainsteam of the local and global economies through programs in: Public Education, Advocacy, Technolgy Demonstration and Use, Investment Opportunity.
Rocky Mountain Institute The country's formost energy experts, from home efficiency tips to global policy
Solar Cookers InternationalCooking
Solar Cooking Archive
Cooking with the sun: news, how-to, resources, etc.
Solar Mike's PV Links 200+ Photovoltaic Resources On The Web.
Solardyne.com The company focuses on the sale of solar and wind power equipment, providing consumers with power-on-demand with no accompanying fuel costs or pollution. Solardyne specializes in solar and wind home power systems, and is the creator of the 24-pound Solar Power Pack that provides energy on the go.
Solectec Home Page We supply entry-level information and education for newcomers to the bright, clean, non-polluting world of Solar Electricity. Solar Electricity Will Set You Free!
"The 20% Solution" - how to save energy from Lawrence-Berkeley Labs! California's 20/20 Rebate Program offers a 20% rebate on June-September 2001 electricity bills for customers of Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric, and Southern California Edison who use at least 20% less electricity than they consumed June through September during 2000. This 20% solution site identifies energy-efficiency measures and their predicted percentage savings to help you meet the 20/20 challenge. Great energy-saving ideas, even if you don't qualify for the rebate.
Union of Concerned Scientists  The common threads of global sustainability and global security weave the UCS's work on agriculture, arms control, energy, global resources, and transportation into a unified vision: achieving a secure and sustainable world today without sacrificing the environment of tomorrow.
WBarrett1's Home Page Free solar energy plans and ideas. featuring the Barrett Solar Steam Pump.
West Coast People's Energy Co-op The West Coast People's Energy Co-op will serve its members, and the greater community, by assuring access to the highest quality home energy products and services at the most affordable price. To the greatest extent permitted by law and by the resources of the co-op, all efforts will be made to advise its members and participating vendors of any and all applicable subsidies, buy backs, and discounts. It will be the goal of this co-op to promote and encourage membership to all residents and businesses within the region for the purpose of promoting the efficient use of clean, affordable, energy and to promote and encourage the development of home and locally based renewable energy generation.
World Energy Efficiency Association  Formed to: (1) to assist developing countries in accessing information on energy efficiency, (2) serve as a clearinghouse for information on energy efficiency programs, technologies and measures, (3) disseminate this information worldwide, and (4) publicize international cooperation efforts in energy efficiency.