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Negative Population Growth

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NPG is a national membership organization founded in 1972 to educate the American public and political leaders about the detrimental effects of over population on our environment and  quality of life.  NPG advocates a smaller and truly sustainable United States population accomplished through voluntary incentives for smaller families and immigration limited to 100,000 annually.
Population Council

The Population Council, a nonprofit, nongovernmental research organization established in 1952, seeks to improve the wellbeing and reproductive health of current and future generations around the world and to help achieve a humane, equitable, and sustainable balance between people and resources.

The Council analyzes population issues and trends; conducts research in the social and reproductive sciences; develops new contraceptives; works with public and private agencies to improve the quality and outreach of family planning and reproductive health services; helps governments design and implement effective population policies; communicates the results of research in the population field to diverse audiences; and helps strengthen professional resources in developing countries through collaborative research and programs, technical exchange, awards, and fellowships.

Population Reference Bureau The Population Reference Bureau was founded in 1929 and is America's oldest population organization. We are a nonprofit, nonadvocacy, educational organization. We work with both public-sector and private-sector partners to increase the amount, accuracy, and usefulness of information about population trends and their implications.
Union of Concerned Scientists Population page The Union of Concerned Scientists works to ensure that all people have clean air and energy, as well as safe and sufficient food. We work to improve the environment in ways that preserve our health, protec We strive for a future that is free from the threats of global warming and nucle In short, UCS seeks a great change in humanity's stewardship of the earth. By forging a partnership between scientists and concerned citizens, UCS is uniquely able to secure the changes in governmental policy, corporate behavior, and people's actions needed to achieve these goals. We combine rigorous scientific analysis, innovative policy development, and tenacious citizen advocacy to make positive, tangible improvements in people's lives. UCS works for change globally, nationally, and in communities throughout the United States.
Zero Population Growth