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National Religious Partnership for the Environment

This project is a journey of discovery for the religious community and, we hope, a contribution to the environmental effort. For us, it is not just another mobilization. We are being called to understand what it must mean, now and henceforth, to be religious in response to crisis in God's creation.

So, when a congregation chooses to become stewards of a local creek ... when endangered species are included in the prayer of the peoples ... when traditional liturgies newly resonate with themes of creation ... when a theologian writes of "a sacramental universe" ... and when a minister reads that work and is stirred to his best sermon of the year ... when a child suddenly remembers a religious school lesson in a walk in the woods ... when a community struggle is newly defined to protect the poor and the environment alike ... when a discouraged activist discovers a house of prayer where spirituality awakens hope: all these are occasions when religious vision and love of the natural world replenish one another. Care for creation brings life to faith.