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The Archive

The archive contains all the articles published in the Earth Times since the first issue in Dec '93 - more than 275 total. The articles are organized two ways for fast acccess.

Index of Past IssuesIndex of Past Issues. This index is a chronological list of past issues, and includes a small image of the cover and the article names from the table of contents. Click on the cover image to go to the full Table of Conetnts for that issue (for a more complete description), or click an article name to go to that article. Articles that we consider features or of particular long-term interest are listed in bold.

Articles by SubjectArticle Archive by Subject. Articles in the archive are listed in 24 general categories. Most articles are listed in more than one category. Within the category, articles are listed in date order, with the most recent articles listed first. If you're trying to follow an ongoing story (e.g., the wastewater treatment plant in the Tijuana Valley), start at the bottom of the list and scan upwards.

Archive Search Engine. This simple search engine lets you scan the entire archive for articles that contain particular words and returns a clickable list. It is moderately fast, and will complete most multi-word searches in 30 seconds or so


Calendar of Earth-Friendly Events

Calendar of Earth-Friendly EventThere are lots of things to do in San Diego! Each month, this calendar lists activities with an environmental focus for the whole family. Most are hosted by non-profit or local educational and cultural organizations, and most are free. Events are divided by category: Nature Outings, Exhibitions, Animals and Pets, Special Events, Kid's Activities, Meetings, and Volunteering and Jobs.
If your group or organization has an appropriate public event planned that you would like more than 85,000 readers to know about, send us the information ( you can use the Reader Feedback form) and we will publish it on a spece-available basis. Please make all submissions by the 20th of the month for inclusion in the next month's listings.

San Diego Earth Day

San Diego Earth DayThe Earth Times works closely with San Diego Earth Day, a non-profit organization dedicated to a clean, healthy, prosperous future. We are proud to support SDED's activities, including the annual EarthFair in Balboa Park. This home page for SDED lists current projects, meetings and activities. Check it out - and get involved.