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SDDT 11/02 The following is a condensed version of remarks from a speech I made to a San Diego Chamber of Commerce audience, entitled “Balancing Progress With Preservation.”
SDDT 8/5/02 Housing Hysteria
Unprecedented discussions about San Diego’s unaffordable housing have taken place since a July 2001 City Council direction that staff create proposal for a "flexible inclusionary housing program with incentives."
SDDT 10/29/01 Lower costs doesn't equal more affordable This is a Cut to the Chase "special edition" in the sense that it's a rebuttal to a commentary by Steve Doyle, President of the San Diego Building Industry Association. For those of you who didn't seen it, I include it, followed by my response.
SDET 4/01 Sea Whirled

First, the Chargers, then the Padres. Now, it's Anheuser-Busch/SeaWorld looking for their special treatment from City Council.

SDDT 11/17/00 Sustainable jobs Short-sighted business interests persist in fighting environmental limits as overly costly and burdensome. Far from costing jobs, effective environmental policies can stimulate the creation of jobs ...
SDDT 7/16/00 Energy Prophets City of San Diego General Plan and Growth Shell Game
SDDT 5/1/00 Penciling Out Energy, Politics & SDG&E
SDDT 1/10/00 Building Green Green homes
SDDT 11/5/99 Evolving capitalism  Natural Capitalism: The Next Industrial Revolution
SDDT 10/29/99 Sign of new times  BIG signs not needed
Cool Companies  Energy & bottom-line results
SDDT 6/28/99 Getting with the program Recycled products purchasing co-op
SDDT 6/14/99 Interesting Times Environmental revolution?
SDDT 5/24/99 Building Leadership Green building
SDDT 4/19/99 Make the Connections Earth Day
SDDT 4/12/99 Business Matters ISO 14001 environmental management
SDDT 3/22/99 Course correction  Business & Sustainability
SDDT 11/30/98 Giving Thanks Carmel Mountain Preserve
SDDT 11/16/98 The Next Industrial Revolution Business & environment
SDDT 6/22/98 A Tale of Two Developments Growth & development
SDDT 3/16/98 A bay in the hand is worth a bunch to Busch, or
Givin' away the bay
Mission Bay Park