Vote Yes on Proposition 12! Yes on Parks!!

What could The Sierra Club, the California Taxpayers Association, League of Women Voters, California Organization of Police and Sheriffs, American Association of Retired People, the Nature Conservancy, and California Chamber of Commerce all be in favor of?

by Susan Chargin

  roposition 12, the Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air, and Coastal Protection bond act, is now on the March 7, 2000 ballot. This bond act received strong bipartisan support in the Legislature, recognizing the tremendous need California has for parks, open space, and recreation for its natural environment and growing population.


Prop 12 is for parks and open space

  Prop 12 is a $2.1 billion bond act that includes much needed funding for dilapidated state and local parks and other agencies that protect open space and recreational resources. Funds will also be available for land acquisition, habitat restoration, coastal protection, open space protection in fast growing suburbs, protection of remaining wildlife areas in some of our fastest growing counties, as well as playgrounds, zoos and soccer fields, urban conservation corps, and recreation for at-risk youth.


Why do we need Prop 12?

  Although voters approved similar bond acts in the 70s and 80s, there has not been a park bond passed since 1988. The last bond's funds ran out years ago. A recent independent study reports that state and local agencies estimate unmet park needs for the next ten years at more than $12 billion. California is growing at a rate of more than 600,000 people per year, and all these new residents need places to recreate, appreciate wildlife, enjoy the outdoors, and exercise.


Who says?


Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike recognize the benefits of safe neighborhood parks and clean water. Fiscal conservatives, such as the California Taxpayers Association, support Prop 12 because it will not raise taxes, and all funds will be appropriated through the state budget and subject to careful review and annual public audits.

The Sierra Club, Audubon, League of Women Voters, California Organization of Police and Sheriffs, AARP, the Nature Conservancy, and California Chamber of Commerce all support Prop 12.


How else can we help?

Your help is needed to pass this important bond act! Attend a local information and volunteer meeting:

Wednesday, January 12, 4pm
War Memorial Bldg., Balboa Park
(on Park Blvd, northeast of the zoo)

For questions regarding this meeting, please contact Anne L. Rast, Assistant Director of San Diego County Department of Parks and Recreation, at (858) 694-3032.

A summary of the proposition, plus votes of your legislators, fact sheets and visual aids, is available at or

To get more information, donate funds, or volunteer locally to help the campaign, please contact Carolyn Chase at (858) 272-7423 or send an email to: .