January 2001 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Pollution Culture
    While the citizens want clean water, City and County actions suggest a culture of indifference to persistent water pollution.
  Crusading for wild steelhead, the San Diego River and Rose Canyon Creek
    Ignoring the needs of nature in favor of roughshod land development has forced southern steelhead and many other native species to the vanishing point.
  Neighborhoods, public facilities and planning
    Uncontrolled, unplanned, haphazard infill has left a legacy of deficient parks, lack of schools and general deterioration with increased social problems and crime.
National Issues
  Climate change could cause major changes in US ecosystems
    Global warming may well disrupt the integrity of many of the terrestrial ecosystems on which we depend ecosystems that provide humans such valuable goods and services as foods, raw materials, recreational opportunities, clean air and water, and erosion control.
Global Ecology
  International Biodiversity Observation Year (IBOY) launched to raise biodiversity awareness
Pollution and Waste
  The hidden freshwater crisis
  Brewing a future
    A southern African brewery spawns a chicken farm, a fish farm, a mushroom plantation, a Spirulina plantation, an earthworm farm, jobs, and hope.
  EPA dramatically reduces pollution from heavy-duty trucks and buses; cuts sulfur levels in diesel fuel
  Carbon cycling and species composition: Seeing the forest for its trees
  Mexico's pollution release and transfer registry: Long road yet to go
  Wetlands system recycles building's wastewater
    Halford House believes wastewater is too precious to dump down the drain. So House, a NC State University water quality specialist, has created North Carolina's first and only self-contained wastewater treatment system for an office building.
  Aiborne nitrogen contributes pollution to US estuaries
Diet & Health
  Global warming may pose risks to human health
  Aluminum-Power's fuel cell performance exceeds all conventional batteries
  The western electricity and natural gas crisis
Observations from the Edge
  Resolutions for a Sustainable Future