January 2003 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 Proliferation of Argentine ants in California linked to declines in coastal horned lizards
National Issues
 Environmental Defense praises new Mccain-Lieberman climate bill
  Serious bi-partisan climate legislation marks an end to stalling & the start of the search for serious solutions.
 Senate Judiciary Committee votes to ban cruel canned hunts
 Wildlife corridors help promote movement of plants and animals
Global Ecology
 State of the World 2003 : "Impossible" environmental revolution is already happening
 Cooking the books by ignoring Mother Nature
  Mankind has made a major bookkeeping error of billions of dollars by not counting the dollar value of nature.
 Ecological risks of GMOs come In unexpected ways
  Introducing genetically modified organisms into wild populations holds a greater theoretical risk of extinction of natural species than previously believed.
 The Environment: another casualty of war?
Marine Ecology
 Court stops Makah whale hunt
 Industrial fishing threatens sharks, dolphins, billfish
 More quality, not more weight, may make vehicles safer
Pollution and Waste
 EPA announces pilot online tool to access facilities' environmental compliance
Diet & health
 Grape-seed extract speeds up wound recovery
 An aspirin a day to keep cancer away?
Observations from the Edge
 Evolution and a philosophy for perseverance
 What would Jesus drive?
  Swarthmore expert cites biblical basis for environmental protection.