From the Publisher

Here we go again

by Chris Klein


 he "new" format of the print version of the San Diego Earth Times. is finally out. It's exciting to be back in print, for our readers that are not on-line. I apologize for the delayed arrival of this issue: converting to the new print format took a wee bit more time than I expected. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - it took 3 months to do the original hard copy design. It sure takes a lot longer than the web version.

There were some new challenges. No ads, for example. Now, it seemed that no ads would be a time-saving bonus: no design, no layout, no checking with clients and endless modifications, etc. But there was a new problem: what do you do when a story doesn't exactly fill a page? Not a problem on the web, of course, but big holes detract from the appearance of hard copy. It used to be easy: just plug in an ad of the right size. For now, I'm pretty much stuck with one solution: find a long article and drag "continued on" sections through the holes. Another feature we don't have to worry about here.(BTW, do you know why most publications use them? It's to get you to look at as many ads as possible on those "continued" pages).

I'm going to start collecting short, interesting pieces of "eco-trivia" to fill holes in the hard copy with, and I'll include them here. If you've got any great factoids, send 'em in and I'll give you a plug if we use them.

Good news: our content hasn't changed. Our regular contributors are back: our resident eco-radical Robert Nanninga, Don Trotter aka "The Garden Goddess," Bob Ocegueda's "New Think" cartoon and eco-feminist Minister Masada.

Carolyn Chase's weekly column for the San Diego Daily Transcript ( is going well. Check out her column every Monday in the commentary section, often right next to William F. Buckley. Strange bedfellows, indeed.