Attend the Sustainable Building Symposium

Learn about strawabale construction, sustainable communities and more.

provided by Habitat for Humanity

abitat for Humanity and Sustain able Community Action Network (SCAN) are proud to sponsor a three and one-half day Sustainable Building Symposium, to be held at the Naval Training Center, Jan. 29 - Feb. 1. This will be a transforming experience for 150 Habitat for Humanity and local leaders. Participants will design a strawbale house, a sustainable village, and an eco-university. Habitat for Humanity and SCAN volunteers will build the strawbale house in San Diego in 1998. A 20-home village will also be built in Tecate if enough money is raised.

The eco-university, called "WeCan University", will teach principles of sustainability and empowerment by combining the talents and resources of academic universities, government agencies, environmentalists and volunteers. Students, volunteers and benefitting families families will learn by designing homes or villages, then building them. WeCan University will teach subjects important to successful community development from conflict resolution to home building, farming and sustainable enterprises. Habitat's principle of sweat equity and repayment of material costs will be followed.

Help design the WeCan University by participating in the design process, by preparing for the symposium or by doing both. Much work is needed, so call Skip Fralick to volunteer or to register for the event. The symposium fee is $150, which can be reduced by doing volunteer work.

Help give WeCan University a permanent home at NTC! Help Habitat for Humanity meet its goal of eliminating poverty housing while respecting the environment and creating sustainable enterprise opportunitees! Help is needed in the following areas: graphics, public relations, fundraising, writing, signage, teaching, program development, audio-visuals. We need inspirational speakers on the subjects of green home building, community building, eco-universities and micro-enterprise development.

For more information or to register, please call Skip Fralick at (619) 565-2603 or (760) 438-6051 (days); email: