Green Restaurant Association's 1998 Environmental Leadership Awards

provided by the Green Restaurant Association


ast year saw a large group of committed San Diego citizens and business owners make positive changes to create a healthier environment. In 1998 alone, The Green Restaurant Association's 50 San Diego Green Restaurants, along with tens of thousands of customers, have saved more than:

  • 6,375 Trees from being logged
  • 1.5 Million kwh hours of Energy
  • 2.6 Million Gallons of Water
  • 22,500 Pounds of Air Pollution
  • 1,125 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space

These statistics are a result of the Green Restaurant Association helping 50 San Diego restaurants proceed through a 12-step environmental program that includes waste reduction, recycling, reusing, and purchasing recycled products. It takes many sectors of the community to make these changes, and the following are the 1998 winners who are leading San Diego towards a sustainable future.

  Green Restaurant Association (619) 233-GOOD.


Green Restaurant of 1998
Grateful Heart Cafe

10820 N. Torrey Pines Rd.
(619) 554-4786

    • No Styrofoam
    • Full-scale recycling
    • Linen and 100% recycled napkins
    • Employee eco-education

Green Market of 1998
OB People's Natural Foods Market

4765 Voltaire, Ocean Beach
(619) 224-1387

    • No Styrofoam
    • Full-scale recycling
    • Bulk food section
    • Organic produce
    • Recycled products

Green Distributor of 1998
Finest City Papers

8195 Ronson Rd., San Diego
(619) 569-3850

    • Helping restaurants go green for 8 years
    • Carries all full line of recycled and non-bleached paper products
    • Full line of Non-Styrofoam products
    • Committed to carry products the Green Restaurant Association recommends

Green Customer of 1998
Patricia Low


    • Tells her favorite restaurants to become Green and is directly responsible for some of San Diego's restaurants becoming environmentally responsible
    • Donates her time and money
    • Dedicated to patronizing Green Restaurant