San Diego Bay Bird Festival - February 7 - 14

  lease visit the website to see the amazing array of excellent tours, and find out where you need to make reservations and pay the fees. They are featuring the following free events as well.



Exhibit Fair at the Chula Vista Nature Center
Feb 10/11, 10am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday.

  Clubs, groups, organizations and vendors will be on hand to show Bird Festival participants what there is to do and enjoy around San Diego County. They offer numerous ways for the general public and nature enthusiast to learn about and enjoy the abundant natural resources which are available.


"Birds and Bikes"
February 10, 8am to 11:30am, Saturday

  Join the staff of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Paradise Creek environmental educator Ted Godshalk and the students of Kimball School for a fun bird-watching bike trip along the Bayshore Bikeway. The Bike trip will be over level terrain and approximately 5 miles one way. They will stop at the State Park site - bring a snack or lunch then return to 13th Street. As an alternative to the return trip, participants can arrange for pickup at Attu Avenue just north of the picnic area. Or meander along the Bikeway on your own and stop at any of their four staffed sites for interpretation and birdwatching extra-ordinaire! Staffed sites will be marked with colorful pennants and include: 13th & 7th Streets at the Bay in Imperial Beach and heading north, the Biological Study area parking lot, and State Park native plant interpretive site just south of Attu Avenue.


Tour South San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge and the Salt Works
February 10th, 10:30am to 12:30pm, Saturday
February 11th, 8am to 10am, Sunday

  Tour one of San Diego's most important natural resources, a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Network Reserve Site and Globally Important Bird Area with the US Fish and Wildlife Service biologists. This newest of San Diego's refuges supports thousands of resident and migratory shorebirds, waterfowl and seabirds. Greatest birdwatching! Call the US Fish and Wildlife Service for reservations since space is limited: (619) 691-1262.


Activities At The Tijuana Estuary Visitor Center
February 10, Saturday

8am to 10am: Bird and Nature Walk to the River Mouth. Fun for all ages. Meets at 5th & Iris St. Imperial Beach.

10am to 11am: Project Wildlife Presentation YIKES!!!! I found a wild animal, what do I do??? Join Project Wildlife's presentation and learn what to do: if you find an injured or orphaned wild animal, humane ways to coexist with the wildlife surrounding us, and simple measures you can take to help the wildlife in your neighborhood. We will also take an in-depth look at one of the non-releasable education animals. At the Visitor Center.

11am to 12pm: Hummingbird Slide Presentation "The Hummingbird Hospital"- Life as a hummingbird can be tough! Leslie Van Epps will take you on an in depth look at these tiny flying and humming jewels found in San Diego County as well as the care of those orphaned and injured and steps taken to release them back into the wild. At the Visitor Center.

12pm to 1pm: Design-A-Bird/Hear Bird Stories/Make a Backyard Bird Box. Fun crafts and activities for kids. At the Visitor Center.

1pm to 2pm: Birds Alive! Nancy Conney and "Skyhunters" Birds of Prey. At the Visitor Center.

2pm to 3pm: Explore Owl Pellets. At the Visitor Center.

 February 11, Sunday

8am to 10am: Bird and Nature Walk to the River Mouth. Fun for all ages. Meets at 5th & Iris St. Imperial Beach

3pm to 4pm: Birds of the Estuary with expert birder, Herb Young. Meet at the Estuary Visitor Center and walk the McCoy Trail.