March 2000 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Ambush week -- voters beware
    The rush is on to give voters what they want. For some campaigns, anything goes.
  Preserving the quality of life through Smart Growth
    Assemblyman Howard Wayne talks about growth, transportation planning, and the cost of not facing up to our future.
  Putting up
    Traffic is like the weather: everyone talks about it but nobody does anything about it -- even those who are supposed to.
  Public speaks out against growing navy nuclear risks
    The California Coastal Commission approves the navy's nuclear plans, in spite of community opposition.
  Growing sustainability in San Diego
    Jim Bell explains how growing hemp could help create a sustainable economy on the San Diego/Tijuana region.
  Green Light
    Environmental Q&A with Vern Novstrup.
Global Ecology
  Population density, growth threaten species-rich "hotspots"
    Slower population growth could ease conservation challenge.
  After 5-year battle, Mitsubishi ends Baja Mexico salt plant project
    Industrial giant finally bows to world opinion.
  Common algae can be valuable source of hydrogen fuel
    A metabolic trick causes algae to produce usable amounts of this important fuel of the future.
  Soybean fuel additive could help cut prices
    Additive allows the use of ethanol/fuel mixture in diesels, a cheaper and less-polluting fuel.
Diet & Health
  Death by global warming?
    Global warming is expected to increase malnutrition and disease worldwide.
  Toxicologists discover traces of diesel exhaust in the body
    Sensitive new test finds the breakdown products from diesel soot in the body.
  Industry commits to screen 2,000 high-volume chemicals for hazards; results direct to public
    The EPA and others applaud this voluntary effort by Chemical Manufacturers Association members.
In Your Garden
  Should we teach our children about nature?
Observations from the Edge
  Y-Gate, SourcePoint, and the Dodson Configuration
    Our resident eco-radical finds that when you look closely at the political process you kind of wish you hadn't