The Bush Administration's Energy Department transition team

    provided by President Bush Watch, Friends of the Earth

Here is a fact sheet about the Bush Administration's Energy Department Transition Team. It says a lot about this administration's future commitments on energy-related issues! If you would like to see the names and affiliations of the transition team members, please visit

    Team members, total: 63

    Number representing energy supply industries: 50

    Number of energy efficiency experts: 1

    Number of renewable energy experts: 0

    Total Republican campaign contributions*: $8,007,479

    Average total contributions per team member: $127,103

    Number representing oil & gas industry: 27

    Number representing nuclear power or uranium mining industries: 17

    Number representing electricity industry: 16

    Number representing coal industry: 7

    Number representing Peabody Coal and its subsidiaries: 3

    Number of “Bush Pioneers” (who each raised more than $100,000 in direct contributions to the Bush campaign): 8

    Number of public-interest-group representatives: 1

    Men: 59

    Women: 4

    * Includes personal and family-member direct contributions to the Bush campaign by team members, contributions by their companies (including soft money), and contributions from their companies' PACs Fact sheet sources:

    Research conducted by CLEAR, the Clearinghouse of Environmental Advocacy and Research. Contact Daniel Barry., 202-291-7515.

    Campaign contributions from Center for Responsive Politics (; team membership from Bush/Cheney transition website (, January 12, 2001; other information from CLEAR research.