Julia Butterfly Hill at SDSU

    Friday, May 11, 7:00 SDSU Montezuma Hall

On a cold December morning in 1997, Julia “Butterfly” Hill ascended a 180-foot redwood tree named 'Luna' to protest the logging of Northern California's forests. For the next two years, the tree became her home. In December 1999 Julia reached an agreement with the Pacific Lumber Company to protect Luna and the surrounding grove forever. The world was later shocked to learn that Luna was savagely cut and wounded by vandals in November, 2000. Through the work of skilled arborists, Luna will survive, and stand as a beacon of hope for old growth forest protection.

    Julia Butterfly Hill is a remarkable young woman who became a hero to environmentalists and a pariah to the logging industry. Julia will be in San Diego on Friday, May 11, at 7:00 at San Diego State University's Montezuma Hall, to share her experiences during her successful effort to save the redwood grove, and convey her message of love, hope and activism.

    Admission price is $5.00 for students, and $7.50 for general public. Tickets available at: Aztec Center Ticket Office, (619) 594-6947, or any Ticketmaster Location. Sponsored by the Sierra Club and the Student Environmental Action Committee (SEAC) at San Diego State University. For more information or to arrange for your group to have an information table, please contact: Geoffrey Smith, (619) 299-1741, conservationsierraclubsandiego.org.