April 2002 Table of Contents

Earth Day Special
 Wake Up!
  Don’t miss the VIP Benefit and EARTH Awards
 I am ashamed
Detroit sells out our future for short-term profits.
 Jane Goodall says: Turn the Tide
  Nine things you can do that will really make a difference.
 Earth Day is in the bag
Can I have 5 hours of your time?
Volunteer for EarthFair 2002 on April 21… you’ll be glad you did.
Trash to water… The City of San Diego features seven booths at EarthFair 2002
Local Ecology
Nature Conservancy purchases 2,100-acre Rancho Cuyamaca
New storm water ordinance for San Diego
National Issues
 Climate change threatens health of America’s lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands
The America Syndrome: What would happen if Chinese citizens lived like Americans?
Global Ecology
 Antarctic ice shelf collapse is largest in 30 years
British Petroleum beats greenhouse gas target by eight years
Rethinking economic progress
Livable Communities
Smart Transportation: The Santa Barbara Riviera
Helping authors and publishers to save trees
Help your company to buy recycled
Magazine publishers receive second annual Eco-Paper Leadership Awards
 Bush energy plan will worsen US oil, nuclear, electricity vulnerabilities
US poll shows strong support for renewable energy
 Find eco-friendly 2002 model-year cars and trucks
Pollution and Toxics
 Similar patterns of ground water pollution found in United States and China
 State confirms public health hazard
Observations from the Edge
 Terrorism and the war on whales
Marine Ecology
Longline fishing threatens world’s albatrosses and other birds with extinction