April 2003 Table of Contents

From the Editor
Operation End Extremism
Earth Day Special
  Volunter for EarthDay!
  Attend the VIP Benefit and EARTH Awards
   Awards to be presented by Mayor Dick Murphy and Supervisor Pam Slater. Nominate worthy individuals and organizations for an EARTH Award.
  Recycle your “dead” cell phones at EarthFair
Local Ecology
 General plan 2020; windfalls and wipeouts
A massive rezoning of 1 million acres of rural lands will radically shift land values. Will there be Big Winners and Big Losers?
 San Diego River Park
National Issues
 “Green Banking” flourishes at the grassroots
  When democracy failed: The warnings of history
 America, 2003 (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)
Golbal Ecology
 Population growth leading to land hunger
 Climate affects recent crop yield gains
 Environmentally efficient home purchase made easier
  New loan program provides financial incentives for energy- and resource-efficient home purchases.
 Planting and conserving shade trees
Pollution and Toxics
 Researchers explore a new toxic pollution site: People
Are YOU a Superfund site?
 Report confirms severe air pollution from factory farms
Boxer introduces bill to regulate perchlorate
Public support for public transportation
Four in five Americans believe that increased investment in public transportation strengthens the economy, creates jobs, reduces traffic congestion and air pollution, and saves energy
At Ford, why wasn’t safety job 1?
Marine Ecology
Replenishing rockfish populations
Diet and Health
Response to high-fat diet is linked to genes
Spinach shows seasonal variation in antioxidant content
Observations from the Edge
 Free California: is independence the answer?