Scrap tire exhibit at EarthFair

provided by Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency

alifornians generate 34 million scrap tires every year. That's about one used tire per person. With so many tires, it makes good sense to utilize this valuable resource of rubber, and conserve our precious landfill space. The San Diego Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) has a unique exhibit at EarthFair on April 23 showing that “Your Old Tires are an Abundant Resource.” Funded by a grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board, the exhibit features examples of waste tire recycling in California, including products made of 100% waste tire rubber. The LEA also wants the public to know about grants available from the state for projects that use recycled tires.

    Exhibit attendees will learn about success stories of local grant projects around San Diego County, such as high school running tracks, park playground covering, or highways. Find out what happens to your old tires, and why they may end up in a landfill rather than be recycled.

    Everyone can do something very simple to help slow down the accumulation of waste tires. Proper tire maintenance and inflation prolongs the life of tires, and saves money and gas. This exhibit also features education on environmental and public health issues affected by waste tires. Find out how the state spends the $1.75 fee from the sale of each new tire. Stop by the LEA booth for tire advice and to learn more about waste tire problems and solutions.

    Christina Buchanan, LEA, (619) 533-3693 cbbuchanan@