Recycle your e-waste on Earth Day

Free pickup and recycling of your waste electronic products!

provided by Recycle San Diego

nwanted electronic devices and their components – collectively called “e-waste” - pose a serious threat to our environment. Did you know that the cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in TVs and computer monitors contain significant amounts of lead, a highly toxic heavy metal? Or that computer circuit boards contain plastic and copper, and most have small amounts of chromium, lead solder, nickel, and zinc?

    When e-waste is thrown away, it contaminates the waste stream. The heavy metals can leach into our soil and then into our underground water supply, causing severe and even life-threatening illnesses. (The State of California has banned all electronic devices from our landfills for this reason.) So now the question is: how can you dispose of your e-waste with a clear conscience?

    Recycle San Diego will pick up and safely dispose of most unwanted electronics – at your convenience. We'll come to your home or business, collect your e-waste, and haul it to a state-certified recycler – for free. (The recycler then dismantles the devices, separates the different components, and ships them to various end recyclers within the United States for further processing.) No hassles, no worries, no problems!

    Recycle San Diego will host a special Earth Day e-waste collection at our booth. (Please come early, as storage space is limited.) Please note that we will only accept computers, ink/toner cartridges, computer monitors, portable televisions, and cellular phones. For other devices and components, simply visit our booth and schedule your free pickup. If you can't drop off your e-waste or just drop by, we hope you'll call (858) 525-1010 to learn more about recycling and Recycle San Diego.