The smoke-free, air pollution solution

Easy to Use SPORT™ Solar Oven

Using only the clean, free energy of sunlight, the special design of the Solar Oven Society SPORT™ solar oven allows food to cook unattended for hours. The broad footprint makes it almost impossible to tip over even in strong wind. Its light capturing capacity is balanced to prevent the overheating and burning of food. Balanced geometry makes frequent re-aiming at the sun unnecessary. This frees the chef to safely do other things while the meal cooks.

The SPORT™ is easy to transport which is especially important in solar cooking. It is compact and weighs only 10 pounds complete with 2 cooking pots and a thermometer. Made of recycled PET from pop bottles, the SPORT™ is safe in all weather conditions, including moisture, freezing, dust, sunlight and heat.

The optional reflector for poor sun and winter lets you cook all year.

The SPORT™ cooks most all foods. It bakes, roasts, steams and is great for crock pot type dishes. It is good for cooking breads, cakes, cookies, meats, fish, stews, vegetables, rice beans, etc. Food is normally ready in 2 - 4 hours.

Especially good taste is an added benefit to cooking with the SPORT™. The two cooking pots of the SPORT™ can hold food up to 8 to 10 pounds.

Food is mostly water. The latent heat of vaporization of water is 1000 BTU/lb. (the amount of energy required to change one pound of 212 degree water to 212 degree steam.) The SPORT™ receives about 300 BTU/hr. (600 BTU/hr with reflector) of new energy from the sun. Because the latent heat of vaporization is such a large load, most of the time the SPORT™ cooks at the boiling temperature, 212 degrees F, but not boiling off the water and volatiles of flavor in the food. This is why the SPORT™ doesn’t burn food and also why it produces extraordinarily great flavors. Here’s a recipe that delivers big flavor. Tasting it makes you feel like you are inside a fresh leek:

Add to the features of ease of use and extraordinarily great flavors - the additional benefits of energy conservation, no pollution, free energy, and that the SPORT™ is made from about 68 recycled plastic pop bottles! What a winner!

See the SPORT™ at San Diego Earth Day on April 22, 2007 in the Solar Oven Society booth or on line at

The Solar Oven Society exists to promote solar cooking to the American public and to provide a way to partner with more than twobillion people worldwide who lack adequate fuel for cooking their food.