An Earth Day message from Mayor Golding

by Mayor Susan Golding
his year being the 25th anniversary of Earth Day, it seems appropriate to reflect on the state of the environment of the last quarter century as we look to the next quarter of a century. Past and existing environmental rules and regulations are now topics of conversation across the nation. Some believe that the current state is deplorable and overly regulated, while others believe we have a long way to go to ensure the viability of this planet into the future. Obviously, these positions make for lively discussion.
I believe we are in a position of opportunity with these heightened discussions. Here in the City of San Diego we have embarked upon a process of protecting the environment while also allowing the economic prosperity of our citizens to not be hindered. This process is called the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP). The MSCP balances the needs to preserve critical habitat into perpetuity while understanding the needs of private property owners. We have been working with Federal and State resource agencies, Secretary Babbitt, environmental organizations, building industry representatives and other affected jurisdictions and public agencies. This partnership is an example of how I see the earth surviving into the next millennium. We must work together.
The future of our City lies in the realization that environmental protection is not a hindrance to economic growth, but a prerequisite to a healthy sustainable economy and the preservation of our quality of life. San Diego can be the first Great City of the 21st Century. To be that, we must solve the problems that confront us today, but also we must light the way to the next century by working together.