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re you looking for ways to lower your energy and water bills? Wondering which types of plastics are recyclable? Wanting to learn how to compost? These and other questions about how to be more environmentally conscious can be answered at a Home Eco-Audit Party sponsored by Solana Recyclers and Mashburn Waste and Recycling Services. Residents of North San Diego County are invited to host a party with friends and family to share ideas and information about how to conserve energy and water, reduce waste and save money.

Home Eco-Audit Parties aim to educate participants about waste and cost saving tips that can be implemented in their households. The two-hour parties provide a casual setting for discussing topics such as alternatives to household hazardous waste, recycling tips, how to reduce your utility bills and how to start compost piles and worm bins. "They listened to all of our questions and concerns then gave us insightful and honest answers," said a recent participant.

"Home Eco-Audits are a great way to get together and share information and tips for saving money, conserving energy and water, and reducing waste," says Jacy Davis, Executive Director of the non-profit agency. If you are interested in hosting a party, call Solana Recyclers at 436-7986.

... and freedom from junk mail

Tired of all that junk mail? Well, here's a guide to show you what to do about it! Solana Recyclers, Inc., a non-profit organization based in Encinitas, provides a junk mail reduction kit, free of charge. This kit outlines eight ways to reduce the amount of junk mail a household receives by stopping it at its source. Sources of junk mail include catalog orders, coupons, credit cards, credit bureaus, list brokers, address listings in phone books, warranty cards and change of address forms to the post office.

"Anytime you order anything from a catalog, obtain a credit card, complete a warranty card or a change of address form at the post office, your name is added to a mailing list which could potentially be sold to other businesses or organizations. This kit shows you who to write to get your name off these lists as well as how to prevent your name from being put on them in the first place," said Jacy Davis, Executive Director of Solana Recyclers.

In some homes, junk mail is more than 10 percent of the total waste, making it the largest single component of the household waste stream. Reducing junk mail is a form of waste prevention. About 62 million trees and 25 billion gallons of water are used to produce a typical year's worth of junk mail in the United States. That's over 80 pounds per household, or close to a tree's worth. That amounts to a lot of precious natural resources wasted, not to mention the frustration and time spent dealing with junk mail. Thus, time spent reducing the amount of junk mail received is time well spent.

To obtain a copy of this informative brochure, call Solana Recyclers at 436-7986.