WoodWise Quiz Answers


Count up your points. Give yourself:

1) One point for every WoodWise action you've taken.

2) One point if you chose: D. Official NFL football. Footballs are wood-free, but gas stations often have a wood frame inside the walls. Photographic film contains cellulose, extracted from high-quality wood pulp. Many skirts are made of rayon, also a wood product.

3) One point if you picked: C. New building/renovation, and one point if you picked: B. paper/packaging. Together, these two industries account for at least 90 percent of our wood use.

4) One point for every item you picked: natural forests are important for all these reasons.

5) One point if you picked: D. 80 cu. ft. Americans use more wood than people in any other country, and about seven times more than the world average.

6) All these actions are WoodWise, so give yourself a point for each one you chose.

7) One point if you chose: C. Newspapers. Today's newspapers often contain some post-consumer waste, but they could have more. For other paper products, recycled is still the exception rather than the rule. Use the Resource Directory find better products.


Here's what your total means. If you scored...

Less than 5 points:

Thank you for taking this quiz! Although you may be new to WoodWise, knowledge is power, and you have just taken the first step towards change. To make an even greater contribution, go to WoodWise in a flash!

Between 5 and 10 points:

Well done! You are clearly aware of the effect your purchasing habits have on forests.

More than 10 points:

Congratulations! We applaud your commitment to forest protection and look to you to lead the push for a WoodWise marketplace.