Eco-Apartheid Divestment & The Lost Gospel Of Earth

by Minister Masada


Minister Masada

t's time to use the 'A' word. And we must not be afraid to use it. Ecological oppression must be dismantled. Right here. Right now. And as Malcolm X said, "by any means necessary."

Environmental predators and corporate criminals have finally forced our hands to use the last weapon in our arsenal. Yes, the 'A' word will cause unprecedented planetary aggravation amongst the conglomerates of global impiety.

We have marched and appealed to the vacant higher consciousness of corporate America with it's multinational mega-mergers and consolidated commercialism long enough. Are they plotting to turn our entire earth into a slum before moving on to the next planet? Do these planetary 'slumlords' think we're going to let them get away with it? I don't think so.

The latest reports from the Corporate Crime Reporter and the Multinational Monitor, both based in Washington, D.C., is an environmental 'thesis' nailed on the portals of our sacred cathedral. These itemized, articulated sins of corporate conglomerates must now be atoned for. So what is the 'A' word which will accomplish this atonement?


Apocalyptic apartheid


Morally, we have reached the crucible of our mandate. We must all now put our money where our mouth is. There is a time for everything under the sun. The time has now come for a planetary ecclesiastical procession of economic apartheid. Yes, a planetary boycott. We must separate our money from the coffers of corporate criminals, and name them one by one. From now on, the Dow Jones will rise and fall based on eco-aggression, oppression and cessation of such. Apocalyptic apartheid is the messianic remedy for the millennium.

Global divestment from firms and corporations doing business in South Africa gave impetus to the long hard continuing struggle, in terms of ending racial imperialism. Divestment must now be seen as the propulsion for ending corporate imperialism, in terms of planetary contamination.

Using an academic, systemic approach, research just exactly how your mutual funds money manager is investing your money. If you have money their (corporate) mega-bucks banks, remove your money and put it local credit unions. Emancipate your stock holdings and financial investments with companies guilty of eco-oppression. Look how long it took for common Englanders to find out that 'dummy' corporations used their money to finance the slave-trade which started this mess in America. Call 1-800-58GREEN to find out how to boycott corporate criminals and learn how to invest in socially responsible companies.

African-Americans of all classes must immediately boycott our preference for 'name brands' and TV advertised products. But more importantly, we must stop trying to prove that "our money is just as good as white people's money", and practice conservation rather than consumption. And please start speaking out about the zoning practices which allow certain companies to operate and dump their poisonous toxins on at already dumped on people.

Using these methods we can slay:


The Corporate Beast Of Biocide


Some of these corporate men are irrevocable reprobates, in terms of their obscene sacrilegious view that life forms on this planet, particularly human life, is subservient to their plans for global enslavement and corporate domination.

In terms of social ecology, their plans include the entire spectrum of the human race. Therefore, our movement must network all the concentrated forces into an eco-planetary army promoting eco-apartheid divestment. There can be absolutely no room for any 'holier-than-thou' environmentalism. A house divided against itself will not withstand the infernal hosts "hierarchies of eco-aggression and eco-imperialism. Environmental racism is the residual waste of social racism. We will never ever have environmental justice as long as the iniquity of hypocrisy continues to hinder our unification in terms of eco-restoration.

We must even employ the artistic talent rhythm and rhyme of the rappers to spread the evangelical message of this movement. Since music is the divine language, directives for planetary operations can simultaneously and instantaneously be openly and/or covertly given in code if necessary, to move millions worldwide. We may even inspire an environmental Grammy Award.

There is no alternative to discipline, sacrifice, and self control if we are to permanently cripple the corporate beast of biocide. The beast must be denied his food of crass materialism and force-fed into eco-sustainability. If he ever attempts to devour creation again, we will starve him and make mulch out of him.


The Lost Gospel

We've all heard that Judgment Day is coming. Well, it is now here. Let's not force eco-karmic retribution upon us for 7 our actions Eco-theologically speaking., we will experience the 'second coming' through our redemptive return to the sacred Lost Gospel of Earth. In mystical terms, the earth is Our Mother Mary. The earth is the 'Church of all Nations.' We snatch the 'fruit' of Her womb with impious ingratitude for the pain and suffering of Her labor and delivery. Let's not force Mother Nature to prove that She can do without us. The Sacred Mother has given us the plan of salvation- eco-apartheid divestment.

Spread the good news.

  Minister Masada is an Eco-theo-logist, Eco-feminist, and Eschatologist. She is a weekly columnist for numerous newspapers and is an author, lecturer and researcher of matrilineal history. She is an advocate for mothers, a volunteer minister to prisoners, and organizer of petitions and letter-writing campaigns. She sells and donates many books to numerous groups.