May '01 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Growth politics study
   We don't have our act together with respect to our current population much less the perpetual, rapid population growth pursued by current policies.
  New legislation would provide equal health protection for neighbors of the military
   Currently, the military is exempt from many environmental protection laws, including the Clean Water Act and Oil Pollution Act, and the ones they are subject to cannot be enforced. Proposed legislation would repeal their exempt status.
  1990 to 2000: Ten years of population change in California
   Some parts of California are experiencing sustainable growth. We're not - let's find out why not.
Livable Communities
  Smart codes: The roads less traveled
Global Ecology
  Democracy and the Precautionary Principle
   Our current system allows unidentified individuals to be harmed without their knowledge or consent. The precautionary principle says that if there is credible reason to believe that the actions of one entity will hurt another, action should be taken to protect the potential victims.
Pollution and Waste
  New technology reduces noxious emissions
  Researchers design water quality sampling scheme
  San Diego's Cleanest Cleaners
  Energy efficiency: It's not your mother's "energy conservation"
  Alliance offers consumers tips to offset higher gasoline prices
  Californians flock to public transit in record numbers
   Increases in transit ridership have outstripped increases in driving for the third year.
   Rotary intersections common in much of the world offer many benefits over our right-angle, traffic signal-controlled intersections: more throughput, no stopping, fewer and less severe accidents, lower operating costs and a more appealing appearance.
  Partnership's role stressed in launch of Post Office electric vehicles
   The Post Office now operates the nation's largest fleet of electric vehicles.
Diet & Health
  Antibiotic-resistant genes traced from farms to groundwater
Observations from the Edge
  Forget the whales: Save Robert Downey, Jr.
   Our resident eco-radical finds more than just a little hypocrisy with respect to drug policy.
San Diego EarthWorks
  EarthWorks' EARTH Awards presented