May '02 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 Merge Mash Madness
  Think traffic is bad now? You ain't seen nothing yet... and no relief in sight.
 Nature vs. Politics: Saving urban canyons
  A San Diego resident takes a stand for preserving the natural heritage that makes this a great place to live.
 Salton Sea "international avian airport" for migratory birds threatened by proposed water transfer
  The Salton Sea supports approximately two-thirds of all bird species in the continental United States
National Issues
 US environment continues to improve, annual Earth Day report finds
  Researchers highlight top-10 positive environmental trends and local data for all 50 states.
 Report links sprawl to declining coastal health
  When impervious surface exceeds 10 percent, rivers, creeks, and estuaries degrade.
 Cleaner energy is more secure energy says Environmental Defense
  New report shows energy alternatives are less vulnerable to terrorist attack and cleaner.
 Making a cleaner, cheaper fuel cell
 Want better gas mileage? Drive a Boeing 747
 Cool tungsten light bulb may be possible
Air Quality
 Air quality and pollen: How the tree you choose can effect the environment
 Court affirms historic clean air standards
  Time to get on with the business of cleaning the air.
 Strong new air quality standards for particulate matter to be considered by the California Air Resources Board
Pollution and Waste
 Survey identifies drugs most likely to be found in the environment
 Engineers developing new, environmentally friendly ways to make microchips
Diet & Health
 Black raspberries a potentially powerful agent in fight against colon cancer
 Showering boosts concentrations of potentially hazardous trihalomethanes
 Agricultural fungicide could cause irreversible immune system damage
 Heart attack patients may benefit from drinking tea
 Researchers evaluate the power of forgiveness and physical health
Observations from the Edge
 Think small, plan big, and respect nothing
Marine Ecology
 Website highlights safe seafood selections