Conservation group endorses Zucchet for San Diego City Council

provided by the League of Conservation Voters

he League of Conservation Voters San Diego has endorsed Michael Zucchet for San Diego City Council. Zucchet is running for the second district seat in the June primary.

"Michael Zucchet is the clear conservation choice for this seat on the San Diego City Council," said Kevin Johnson, president of the League of Conservation Voters San Diego (LCVSD), a county-wide organization that works to elect environmentally responsible candidates and hold them accountable for their environmental votes. "Zucchet understands the connection between San Diego's economy and the environment, and knows that with responsible planning we ran have both."

With a background in both economics and environmental policy, Zucchet plans to bridge second district and city-wide fiscal issues with environmental concerns. "We are responsible for one of the most beautiful, valuable and fragile coastlines anywhere," remarked Zucchet. "If we choose to continue to ignore problems such as beach pollution and habitat protection, our continued economic growth will be jeopardized by a lack of environmental protections."

Zucchet has a strong commitment to coastal preservation. He aims to protect public access to the coastline, preserve San Diego's world famous ocean "viewshed," and to prevent urban runoff pollution from reaching beaches.

In addition, Zucchet has criticized the city's $2.5 million urban runoff diversion system as "completely dysfunctional." At a news conference at the Tourmaline Surfing Park diversion site this month, he outlined how the system is fatally flawed from an engineering standpoint. He urged that a new system be developed before more money is spent on a system which "simply will not work as promised."

Zucchet, a San Diego native, recently served as chief policy aide to City Councilwoman Valerie Stallings. He has worked in Washington, DC, for both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Zucchet faces incumbent Byron Wear in the June 2nd open primary. In his brief tenure as a member of the State Coastal Commission, Wear voted to allow development on the bluffs above San Mateo Point. This action was voted by Coast and Ocean magazine as one of the worst Coastal Commission decisions on the coastline in 25 years.

The League of Conservation Voters San Diego is a local chapter of the California League of Conservation Voters. For more information about both organizations and their environmental endorsements, visit their website at LCVSD, 550 West C Street, Suite 1150, San Diego, CA 92101; (619) 696-6211.