June/July 2002 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 Plan before power
  Plans are afoot to turn SANDAG into an unaccountable uber-agency. Ready for a new freeway through your back yard?
 Polluted water costs city & county billions
  Citizens can help stop pollution or pay huge tax increases.
 National Trust names Kw’st’an Sacred Sites one of America’s 11 most endangered historic places
 Environmental Defense decries administration action on California offshore drilling
National Issues
 Forest campaign targeting Staples Inc.escalates
  Ad campaign featuring major rock band coincides with over 100 protests across the country, company responds to pressure.
 Seeking standards for “organic” products
 Groups to protest 100th anniversary of Bureau of Reclamation
 AIA/COTE selects top ten “green” projects
Global Ecology
 Economic benefits of high-tech investment in developing countries are compromised by environmental and health costs
 Buses gain popularity among Californians
  Riders flock to mass transit in five-year national trend.
Pollution and Waste
 Toxic waste production increased by 8 billion pounds in 2000
 Sierra Club urges senators to approvetreaty to eliminate toxic chemicals, protect public health
 United Phosphorus lawsuit against BASF and Micro Flo for counterfeit pesticide sales moves forward
 Consumer conservation behavior motivated by overcharging
  By June of 2001, household consumption in the state’s two largest utility service territories had declined by 10 percent to 12 percent over the previous year.
Diet & Health
 Pregnancy, birth rates fall among young women exposed intervention program
 New food-addiction link found
Observations from the Edge
 Trees and the darker side of a community’s character
 Smart growth, wide debt, and intelligent ecocide