Particles of Paradise

by Minister Masada

recently visited Aquarian Concepts Community, a spiritual commune in Sedona, Arizona, operated much the same way as an Israeli Kibbutz. A.C.C. is a sustainable society in microcosm. The messages in Diana Ross' songs are seen here. I saw an intergenerational organic community with a mutual care dimension for all it's members, including children, which the entire community helps to raise. Everyone has the basic necessities of life, and women are safe.

The air is clean and the water is so pristine you can actually drink it from the faucet. I didn't see any bars on windows, or locks on the steering wheels of cars.

The members are responsible, sustainable recyclers of the Deity's creation. They have 16 acres of land and a two-acre communal oasis called Avalon Gardens, where they grow pesticide-free produce. The field is grounded and supported by mesquite trees and brings forth flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit.

Is it possible to replicate this communal paradise in other places in the United States? I pondered this question as Kamon, the master composter and ecologist with 25 years of experience, took me on a tour of the land. He showed me, among other things, how water is pumped from the mountain river to irrigate nature's bounty. Having spent the last three years in school studying environmental biology and soil and plant science, I can appreciate his sacred devotion to the earth.


Enter: the microbial dragons


Unfortunately, more people are interested in cultivating their computers without giving equal, mitigating time to the earth. The same dark spirits which seduced us away from nature and her natural laws, are the rapacious forces responsible for creating the ecological Frankenstein.

The marriage of the evolving microbes of biogenetic engineering and man's toxic chemicals (coupled with his ecological aggressions), will give birth to a microbial-draconian deity. He will be a plague; his arrival is on the heels of microbial immunity to antibiotics. In eschatology, seismic activity on the sun is a warning. The 'sunquake' which hit the early part of May signals three days of darkness coming on the earth. The earth is beginning transitional labor.

Since we have failed to heed moral and ecological warnings, we must prepare to roll with the "cosmic" punches. In the meantime, communal earth-conscious communities must be formed an the outskirts of big cities to respond to the needs of those who will escape the violence and plagues of the cities.

The destruction wrought by these draconian dragons will also carry the seeds for the germination of the new civilization We already have our role model for the ecodemia of the next millennium.

This is the dawning of the Age of the Aquarian.

  Minister Masada is researcher, author and lecturer. She has been an organizer of support groups for abused mothers and Chairwoman of the Sisterhood of Zion.