July 2001 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 Santee Folly Square
  Santee is missing an opportunity to provide real transit/pedestrian-oriented development. What a waste.
 Smart Growth for Californians and Wildlife: A Call To Action
  UCSD broadcasts highlights of this National Wildlife Federation and the Planning and Conservation League Foundation event from May.
 Environmental groups claim victory in Federal oil lawsuit
  California is given authority to review federal leases off the Santa Barbara Coast.
 Growing pains: Energy, economy create anxiety about population size
  Broad support for higher electricity rates vs. cuts in state programs; residents fatalistic about growth, but believe planning could alleviate problems.
 Self-directed tour of energy-efficient architecture
Livable Communities
 Smart transportation: Ireland's solution
National issues
 Study reveals critical factors affecting urban pollution
 BOOMBURBS! A new type of city explodes around the edges of metropolis
  A special Fannie Mae Foundation report from the 2000 census.
 Water management improvements in irrigated valleys save water, enhance environment
 Curbing sprawl to fight climate change
Global Ecology
 United Nations launches extensive study of earth's ecosystems
 Air pollution control efforts will add to global warming if carbon monoxide is not curbed along with nitrogen oxides
 150-year global ice record reveals major warming trend
 Behind the logo: An environmental and social assessment of forest certification schemes
 Soil fertility limits forests capacity to absorb excess CO2
 Higher miles per gallon standards would save Californians more than $1 billion dollars annually
 Cleaner electric plants remain California's objective
Diet & Health
 Using sunscreen correctly is the key to avoiding sunburn
 Chemicals in environment may increase drug abuse
 Calcium absorption similar from supplements
 War crimes against our food
 Air pollution may trigger heart attack in at-risk patients
Observations from the Edge
 Saving space, place, and nature's grace