Cosmic Conservation & The Communal Womb

by Minister Masada


cophobia. Is it a reasonable fear based on the ecology of extinction set forth by deep ecology thinkers, or is it a groundless, alarmist eco-militancy come full circle?

Are we, as Murray Bookchin and Janet Biehl write in Ecology & The Modernization of Fascism, witnessing the rise of an ecological state of emergency that will give rise to a pessimistic "regime of the green"?

Will the leaders of this "green regime" be corporate moguls who have circumvented the true purpose and meaning of the environmental movement? Just imagine: environmental criminals, such as Chevron, Exxon and McDonalds, merging into an earth-first green regime with corporate captions and TV media sound bites that could help them emerge as secular environmental superpowers.

Instead of restructuring the global economic order, they would render radical environmentalism as an impotent, political wimp. They would do this by showing, however grudgingly, that they are responding to such issues as global warming and the destruction of species, even as they continue to contribute to the ecological crisis. They would also tell us of the numerous grants and funds they have set aside to "study" the issue. Like Esau, they would have us sell out our natural birthright for a pot of porridge. I don't think so. You see, we, the people, are learning discipline to control our appetites and passions by fasting twice a week.

And just what should we make of the environmentalist rhetoric of overpopulation, which is usually a polite term for a "pressing surplus of nonwhite poor"? That's not to say that our cities are not overcrowded. But how many women from wealthy countries have reached out in the spirit of true sisterhood to alleviate the misogynist oppression that renders females as virtual sex slaves to men? In addition, how many went giving assistance, but gave it to the oppressors of the women?

Yet, what if the solution to ecological deterioration rested in the bosom of those whom the rich consider "dynamic dysfunctionals" by virtue of their material poverty? Solar ovens have been used by African women for thousands of years, yet Americans want us to think they discovered it. In mythology, doesn't the master sometimes come disguised as a slave?

Justice cannot be subjected to market environmentalism. To the extent that social justice is convenient and conceivable in purely economic terms, pseudo-solutions and mystical incantations such as "sustainable development" must be redefined.

The World Bank has taken an official post-Rio position that sustainable development is a "blessed" condition in which growth can continue indefinitely, ecologically and profitably.

The vague, magic word of consensus - sustainability - creates an illusory world in which almost everyone could make common cause without much difficulty. Socialists and capitalists, economists and scientists can all now march together on a straight path, as long as they don't ask any potentially divisive questions about where they are going.


Cosmic consumption and manifest destiny


The American creed of cultural, racial and political supremacy lies at the base of its profligate consumption addiction. Americans cherish the ability to consume more than people elsewhere and perceive this ability as an earned privilege and mandate.

Even apocalyptic greens could not warn them that they, too, would one day become slaves to industrial tyrants and natural disasters. In Disasters by Design, Dennis Mileti tells us that natural disasters are costing America nearly $500 million a week, and are growing more expensive and catastrophic every year. The five-year Federal study was produced by 132 academic, private and government experts. The mile-wide tornado and the 80 smaller ones which struck Oklahoma in May, 1999, are omens of this forecast.


Eco-esoteric treasures


My friends, do not despair. The situation before us is complex indeed. Apocalyptic radicalism may have moments of frustration, and a few of it's eco-centric philosophies may have degenerated into coercive utopianism that cares more for it's own prejudices than for planetary progress. But we have ecological Guardian Angels who possess esoteric knowledge and who will guide us as we enter the portals of the next millennium.

The bombing of the sacred and holy land of Kosovo has forever altered the ecological, cultural, spiritual and political ideology of racial superiority and manifest destiny. As cosmic revelations unfold, the ancient buried treasures of Kosovo's monasteries and caves will yield divine secrets of cosmic conservation.

It may be a good idea for us to reconsider the times of the 60s when young people built underground homes, seeking protection in the womb of mother earth.

A higher power may determine that a new, pioneer community is to arise from the scarification and germination of its spiritual seed in the flames of ecological Armageddon. That remnant will be born again from the communal womb of mother earth.

  Minister Masada is an Eco-theologist, eco-feminist and eschatologist. She is a weekly columnist for numerous news papers and is an author, lecturer and researcher of matrilineal history. She is an advocate for mothers, a volunteer minister to prisoners, and organizer of petitions and letter-writing campaigns. She sells and donates books to numerous groups.