August 2000 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Biotech vs Biology?
    Will yet another piece of our coastal ecosystem be sacrificed at the altar of the automobile?
  Energy self-sufficiency in San Diego: A presentation to the city council
    Ecologist Jim Bell issues a challenge to city government.
  Judge Dick Murphy supports Environmental Vision for City
Livable Communities
  Bring back the neighborhoods
    Contributor Gary Piro initiates a regular column in SDET about how we can make our neighborhoods more the kind of places we want to live.
  Sierra Club applauds Ford's historic commitment to higher fuel economy
    A real turnaround for last year's recipient of the Exxon Valdez Award.
  Honda globally adopts world's most stringent emissions policy for gasoline engines
Toxics and Pollution
  EPA's methylmercury guidelines will protect most Americans, but some may be at risk
  The Chemical Meadow
    The perfect lawn may not be the best thing to have around your house. 
  Sodium azide in car airbags poses growing environmental hazard
  Carbon dioxide could replace global-warming refrigerant
  Transpacific air pollution is worse than was suspected
    Great just what we need pollution from Asia.
  Landmark agreement reached to improve clothes washers
    It seems like a small thing -- and it could save the equivalent of the annual energy use of 21 million households.
  20th century power systems incompatible with digital economy
Diet & Health
  High-fiber diet keeps people from chewing the fat
  Cancer gene related to fruit and vegetable growth
  New devices detect Salmonella, E. coli, other bacteria
  Humor is Healthy
  Got weeds? Yard work builds strong bones
Marine Ecology
  CMC Report finds oceans overfished, overpollutted, and underprotected
In Your Garden
  Let's keep that perennial garden spring fresh all season
Observations from the Edge