Green Mountain Energy resources announces new California solar rooftop systems

First electric service provider to offer solar product

provided by Green Mountain Energy

reen Mountain Energy Resources, a retail electric service provider (ESP), has announced the launch of Green Mountain Solar, rooftop solar electric systems for individual homeowners. Green Mountain's newest electricity product is designed to meet the growing demand in California for renewable power. Green Mountain has entered into an agreement with Applied Power Corporation (APC), one of the largest and most experienced solar electric system integrators in the country, to design and install Green Mountain Solar rooftop systems.

"We're delighted to introduce Green Mountain Solar so that our California customers can create their own renewable power and reduce their reliance on polluting sources of electricity," said Kevin Hartley Green Mountain's Vice President of Marketing. "Green Mountain's mission is to change the way power is made, and there's no better way to accomplish our goal than to help our customers put up rooftop solar systems."

Green Mountain Solar rooftop systems use photovoltaic (PV) cells to produce electricity directly from the sun. These PV rooftop systems will enable Green Mountain Solar residential customers to produce between 20 and 50 percent of their own electricity, greatly reducing their need to purchase grid electricity. They remain connected to the grid, and can buy their grid electricity from Green Mountain or the provider of their choice.

"We at UCS are excited to learn that Green Mountain Energy Resources, a provider in the power market, will also encourage residential applications of photovoltaics, and offer the convenience of marketing and packaging to stimulate an acceleration in this market. This is an important step toward encouraging a diversity of renewable resources," said Donald Aitken, Senior Scientist, Energy Program, Union of Concerned Scientists.

Tim Ball, Chief Executive Officer of APC, supplier of Green Mountain Solar systems, said, "Photovoltaic systems are a proven technology in widespread use around the world. We're delighted to join with Green Mountain to introduce PV systems to a wider audience."

APC has been awarded a Utility Photovoltaic Group TEAM-UP grant from the Department of Energy. Thanks to this grant, and California AB1890 funds, Green Mountain Solar customers will receive substantial rebates on their rooftop PV systems. Depending on location, availability and the product purchased, these rebates can reduce prices by at least 50 percent. In addition, California allows "net metering" which means that solar customers' electric bills will be reduced by the full value of the electricity generated by their PV systems.

Green Mountain Solar systems offer significant environmental advantages over purchased power because they generate electricity while consuming no fuel, creating no pollution and requiring virtually no maintenance. PV technology enjoys widespread support within the environmental community and among the general public, and is used in various forms by more than 200,000 homeowners in the United States.

Green Mountain currently offers California residential customers three electricity blends, featuring renewable sources like wind, water, geothermal and biomass. Two Green Mountain products are Green-e certified (a minimum of 50 percent of their energy comes from renewable sources) and Wind for the Future? actually promises the construction of new wind turbines, giving customers the chance to create new sources of renewable energy through their electricity purchases.

Green Mountain will begin marketing these solar rooftop systems throughout California immediately.

  Applied Power Corporation has designed and installed thousands of solar electric systems operating reliably around the world from weather monitoring in Antarctica to solar-powered water pumping in the Sahara. For more information, call APC at (800) 777-7075.

Green Mountain Energy Resources is an independent retail electricity company dedicated to increasing demand for cleaner energy sources, preserving the environment for future generations, and establishing innovative ways for customers to purchase energy. For more information on Green Mountain Solar call (888) 800-5750.