September 2000 Table of Contents

Election 2000
  The vision thing
    Share your vision at
  Political contraception
    Editor Carolyn Chase evaluates the San Diego mayoral candidates: it's at dirty job, but someone's got to do it.
Local Ecology
  California's power crisis
    Utilities preach conservation but cut funds for efficiency programs.
  San Diego EarthWorks seeks new Executive Director
  Project STAR: Simple Technology Against Runoff
    A citizen demonstration project takes action against nonpoint source pollution, instead of waiting for the government to get around to it.
  Public supports equal Navy regulation for environmental protection and emergency planning
  Governor asks for sustainable building strategy
Livable Communities
  Using open space in project design
    Flexibility in project designs can lead to the "natural" inclusion of open spaces, to everyone's benefit.
National Issues
  Intelligent consumption: The Forest Service role
  Help save the redwoods
    Only 4% of our original redwood forests still stand and logging in ancient forests continues. Your choices can help preserve what we have left.
  Clinton-Gore Administration proposed significant new protection for the nation's wetlands
  Notes on a meeting with Mexican President-Elect Vicente Fox and US Environmental and Human Rights Leaders
Global Ecology
  Tough environmental standards yield unexpected profits for multinationals
    Non-polluters average $10.4 billion higher market value.
  Ozone found to have direct effect on genes linked with plants' aging
  FutureTruck project announces first year results
    Universities show Detroit how to improve fuel economy and lower pollution.
  President Clinton acts to ensure the Feds help California meet its electricity needs
Diet & Health
  EPA's Agency-wide Multimedia Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Pollutants Initiative
  Fat-reducing benefits of fish oil, exercise cancel
  Genes in blood vessels may protect arteriesfrom ravages of a high-fat diet
  Finding helps identify how chlorine, ozone and other greenhouse gases develop from ocean/air interactions
In Your Garden
  Natural controls for that fungus among us
Observations from the Edge
  "V" is for Vision
    Our resident eco-radical ponders the transformation of North County into a giant parking lot.