September '01 Table of Contents

Special Feature:Airports and the Environment
 Flat-earth thinking in our time
  What we don't know that we don't know about airports and air travel.
 Airports and cities: Can they coexist?
  As highspeed global commerce expands, and demand for air transport explodes, airports and cities are invading each-other's space in increasingly hazardous ways. The conventional response is simply to keep expanding airport capacity. But more imaginative solutions are now needed.
Local Ecology
 Urban canyons or urban beaches: What's the choice?
  We are at a very important choice-point about the way that our city is going to look 50 years from now: any decision about the urban canyons is going to close off other options.
 Shea Homes hits energy crisis head on
  Shea offers some of the most energy-efficient homes in the nation.
Livable Communities
 Smart design: Bring back the neighborhood
National issues
 Vehicle inspection programs: Worthwhile, but repairs are needed
Global Ecology
 Aerosols cool the earth's surface but warm the atmosphere
Marine Ecology
 Monitoring coastal waters from Tijuana to Ensenada
  Preliminary results of a joint effort of Mexican and US scientists working in close collaboration with the objective of determining the status of coastal waters, from the Point Conception in the Unites States to Cabo Colonet in Mexico.
 California Coastal Cleanup Day 2001
Observations from the Edge
 Character education and the ethically challenged
  Our resident eco-radical finds George W. a constant source of dark humor