September 2002 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 City of Parks or City of Parking?
  There is a lot of hope and good will behind the City of Villages proposal but hope doesn't pay the bills and good will doesn't guarantee results.
 Study ranks most dangerous places statewide
  Study finds good news too: since 1997, more than a dozen local citizen groups have formed to address problems; state legislature has approved related laws.
 Firefighters proclaim "no destructive forest policies in our name!"
  Firefighters criticize Bush's forest fire policy and offer a firefighter's perspective.
 Proposed remedy for forest fires puts economic interests first
 Take a hike in an award-winning forest
  Rainforest Alliance's Smartwood Program commends New York for environmentally and socially sound land management.
 Congress seeks to block public from protecting forests
  Forest advocates fearful Senator Feinstein may support suspension of environmental laws.
 Rare white mountains plant recovers endangered species success story
Global Ecology
 International environmental crime shouldn't pay
 Investing in environment pays off at 100-1, says Science article
  Ecological economics provides truer picture of global balance sheet than the market economy, coauthors say.
 Want to save gorillas? Enforce laws
 G-Strings or Gorillas?
 World Summit postmortem
 Absent Globally, Acting Locally: A ray of hope at Earth Summit's end
 Earth Day Network urges global grassroots movement to monitor World Summit goals
 Restoring international family planning is the compassionate choice
 Climate change threatens the future of marine ecosystems
 Understanding the ecology of cities a key issue in world debate
Pollution and Waste
 New report highlights California's hidden air quality menace
 Research shows how pollutants affect tree growth
 Jetski deadline extended at eight National Park Service recreation areas
Diet & Health
 Regular modest wine drinking may reduce risk of second heart attack
 Mother (Nature) Knows Best
Observations from the Edge
 "N" is for naysayers and never say never