September '99 Table of Contents

In This Issue
Local Ecology
  More of the same
  Transportation and smart growth hard to reconcile.
  How Wide is My Roadway?
  Making our residential streets like small freeways actually lowers our neighborhood's "livability."
  Quality Inn & Suites Hotel adopts ISO 14001 environmental management system
National Issues
  Home Depot announces commitment to stop selling old-growth wood
  Two-year grass-roots environmental campaign produces a result.
  Humanity's heavy footprint
  Human alteration of land and water impairs Earth's ability to maintain the quality of life.
  Scripps scientists answer classic "chicken or egg" question of climate change
  Does a rise in global temperatures precede or follow an increase in CO2 levels? Now they know.
Toxics and Pollution
  DPR releases 1997 pesticide use data
   Trends show a slight decrease in applied pesticides.
  Phasing out coal
   Decreasing coal use is critical to managing climate change.
  Pollution inside your car?
   Study shows pollutants are concentrated inside vehicles.
  122 companies responsible for nearly 80 percent of world's fossil-fuel carbon pollution
   "An unacceptable risk" say top world scientists of Mitsubishi's Baja, Mexico salt factor
   A follow-up report to our April story on this threat to whales and other marine life.
  "Annual Energy Review" chronicles 50 years of changes in US energy
  Honda to introduce hybrid gas/electric car
   Vehicle will get more than 70 miles per gallon.
  Workshop on promoting solar technologies in San Diego
   Event on September 29 is the official kickoff of the Million Solar Roofs Initiative in San Diego.
  List of top-rated appliances now available on the web
   Check here before you replace that old refrigerator or washer.
In Your Garden
  The Bulbs Are Coming, The Bulbs Are Coming
Observations from the Edge
  Brittany Pagano and the Ticket Out Ritual
   Our resident eco-radical discovery Brittany, the new patron saint of trail trash.
Diet & Health
  Study shows orange juice protects against colon cancer