Bell endorses Judge Dick Murphy for Mayor

Well-known local ecologist tests the political waters and finds a winner.

provided by Jim Bell

uring the primary campaign, I got to know Dick Murphy and Ron Roberts and came to like both of them and felt they both had something to offer. So I've spent considerable time pondering the question of who I would finally support. After much thought, I came up with the idea of setting down a list of principles [see below] and asking each candidate to sign on to the list, or at least comment on it, to help me in my decision. My fondest hope was that both candidates would endorse the principles. I must admit that I didn't have much confidence that either candidate would sign on to all six principles and neither did anyone else I talked with. My best hope was that the candidates would sign on to some of the principles and comment on the ones they did not agree with.

But to my great delight, Judge Dick Murphy responded by signing on to all 6 principles, and wrote the following upon signing:

"I endorse all six of your principles. I am particularly dedicated to making the San Diego region as water and energy self-sufficient as is cost-effectively possible. I will have the independence to fight for the land use goals set forth in principles #3 and #4 because I am not endorsed by the Building Industry Association and have not received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from developers."

Need I say more? Of the 2 choices for mayor, Judge Murphy is clearly our best hope to create a strong and sustainable economy in San Diego and in our region. I'm asking everyone who voted for me in the primary, everyone who cares about our young and future generations, to join me in voting for Judge Dick Murphy for Mayor. He's our best hope to solve the energy, water and environmental problems we are facing and lead us to a strong and sustaining economy and future.

Note: Ron Robert's campaign did not respond to the six principles in any way. I called his campaign office twice after the response period I requested ended and was told both times that someone would get back to me latter that day. This still has not happened 6 days after my first call.

- Jim Bell


 Bell's Principles


  1. Create business and employment opportunities aimed at making the City of San Diego and the San Diego/Tijuana region as water, food and energy self-sufficient as is cost-effectively possible. Our region has abundant renewable energy resources and we are rich in agricultural soils. Water is a little tight, but if we use it wisely, we have plenty. Plus, if we need more, with our abundant solar energy, we have a whole ocean of water to distill.
  2. Develop a cost effective wastewater treatment system to recycle sewage into irrigation water and compost so that no sewage gets in our streams, bays and ocean, and sewage nutrients get returned to the soil.
  3. Develop a land use plan that protects and preserves our City and Region's remaining most valuable plant/animal habitats and their linkages, our most fertile soils, our groundwater and surface water resources, and watershed health in general.
  4. Stop the development of our City's 100-year floodplains. This is only logical. Floodplains eventually flood; they are also subject to liquefaction during earthquakes. In addition to the loss of life and property that floodplain development will inevitably bring, such disasters will consume huge chunks of local, state, and federal taxes to pay for emergency services, short and long term medical care, clean-up, repair and legal costs.
  5. Work with educators on all levels to help everyone gain a better understanding of how our planet's life support systems work and how we can get the things we need and want from it, in ways that do not diminish its beauty, majesty and productivity.
  6. Help people use this knowledge to create a sustainable economy and future in our region to serve our own needs and to serve as an example for the rest of the world.