October '01 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 Being in A Time of War
  Let's separate true security from temporary make-work efforts that provide only a feeling of security.
 A healthy urban forest in San Diego can conserve energy A proposal
  The City of San Diego is seriously considering a long recognized energy saving strategy: plant trees. Big trees.
 Who pays the costs of growth?
  You'd be outraged if the government made you send money to help wealthy developers build their next community. Yet, in effect, that's what's happening.
 Assemblymember Kehoe presents $1.5 million check for San Diego River
 Breakthrough agreement to protect San Joaquin kit fox
 Telephone book recycling wave hits the South Bay and East County
 A good planet is hard to find
 County shows where to recycle clutter
 Auto manufacturers could greatly improve fuel economy at low cost with existing technology
  Improvements would safeguard driving public, maintain availability of popular larger models
 Green energy mix promises big savings and greater stability for California
  New report provides economic data on power supply diversification
The Atmosphere and Climate
 Wealth of nations depends on jack frost
  Climate and scale in economic growth.
 Atmosphere, not oceans, carries most heat to poles
  New discoveries about the forces that control our atmosphere.
 Dawn of a new ozone hole
 Adaptive-decision strategy offsets uncertainties in climate sensitivity
 New NASA satellite sensor and field experiment shows aerosols cool the surface but warm the atmosphere
Diet & Health
 Antioxidants protect against smoke-induced lung damage
 Oregano oil kills drug-resistant bacteria
 Changes in nutrition can alleviate effects of long-term stress
Marine Ecology
 Scientists chart iron cycle in ocean
  Scientists at the University of California have found that sunlight plays an important role in cycling iron in the ocean and making it available to marine life.
Observations from the Edge
 Just another round of biological warfare
  Our resident eco-radical points out that just what constitutes biological warfare is a matter of perspective