October 2002 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Reinvent planning
   The rampant sprawl and increasing transportation gridlock in San Diego County makes one wonder about the planning process that got us here. The planners failure to publish their methodology is troubling.
  Local Sierra Club Endorsements for the November 5 election
  Multi-Agency team releases 2030 Regional Energy Infrastructure Study
   Study indicates critical energy challenges remain for the San Diego region
  Councilmember Frye Kicks Off "On the Streets Where We Live"
   Street safety campaign promoting awareness through film.
  2002 Wolf Awareness Week
   Join the California Wolf Center and Defenders of Wildlife at a special fundraiser October 12th and 13th.
  San Diego River Conservancy Bill signed by governor
National Issues
  Kinko's recognized as Green Power Partner of the Year By EPA, DOE
  Environmental Defense defends states' rights to control offshore drilling decisions
  Injuries and deaths from all-terrain vehicles are increasing dramatically
   Consumer and conservation advocates team with doctors in report documenting crisis and call for uniform national safety standards.
Global Ecology
  Satellites to profile weather, improve forecasts through GPS
River Ecology
  Bureau of Reclamation wants to flood Grand Canyon to save native fish
  In midst of salmon kill, fishermen challenge long-term plan for the Klamath Basin
   Congressman Mike Thompson joins suit to save salmon
  San Juan river endangered fish in jeopardy because of Navajo Dam
   River and Navajo activists call for decommissioning
Pollution and Waste
  US Supreme Court upholds Vermont's landmark labeling law
   Legislation will protect public health, environment from mercury pollution; could set national precedent.
  Pollution reductions from off-road vehicles, particularly snowmobiles, fall short
  Consumers can create a secure and clean energy future
  XENERGY finds billions in untapped efficiency savings for California electricity customers
Marine Ecology
  Public calls on US government to protect the world's coral reefs
  North Atlantic swordfish show dramatic recovery
Diet & health
  California fires: Tips to protect your lungs
  Air pollution fatalities now exceed traffic fatalities by 3 to 1
Observations from the Edge
  Think regionally. Vote locally. Stay focused