The Planet Strikes Back

stat ecological state of emergency stat ... nature is regurgitating all the force-fed pollution.

by Minister Masada


any people, startled by the magnitude of the challenge and the brutality of the emerging world embrace the diverse, internationally-aware grass-roots alternative to environmentalist mainstream. Is this the "End of Nature" as we know it, and as written about by Bill McKibben in his book of the same title?

Imagine turning in your radio and hearing pseudo-scientific radio talk-show hosts not only cease and desist from attacking "environmental wackos," but actually now practicing an ecopolitical holiness after seeing their hometowns virtually submerged in water caused by a hurricane created by the very greenhouse global-warming gases they have ranted and raved against. Nature has intrinsic importance that outweighs any of man's plans or his use of language and radio rhetoric to circumvent and subordinate her truth.

Green ideologists of all persuasions, from eco-apocalyptics to moderate environmentalists, must loudly blow the "trumpet of transition" from fossil fuels to renewables.


The poverty of wealth


In 1990, The WorldWatch Institute, after checking the precise, quantitative measure of the earth's "vital' signs," gave us forty years to make the transition to an environmentally stable society. The decisive decade was also the decade of denial, in terms of a restructured planetary economy and the ecology of a divided planet with regard to rich and poor. It is absolutely no coincidence that the last two decades (since 1977) have seen the richest 2.7 million Americans with as many after-tax dollars to spend as the bottom 106 million poor people.

The threats to our ecosystems will never be stopped by the feel-good environmentalism of the industrialized world. The consciousness of recycling cans and bottles and using energy-efficient products must be raised to the next highest level: environmental justice. Pursuing "civilized" strategies of economic development is the root cause of the crisis in the planetary divide, in terms of the ecology of rich and poor. "How can we seriously expect to save the Amazon rainforest with two percent of the Brazilian population controlling most of the land?" asks Tom Athanasiou in Divided Planet: The Ecology of Rich and Poor.

African women around the entire planet are trapped in a purgatory of poverty and are doing the work of ten mules and a horse. Not only are they deprived of a good education and basic necessities of life, but the mules and horses are treated better.


Synthetic photosynthesis


From enslaving the blacks to imprisoning the animals in zoos, European man is obsessed with dominating something, and the rest of the people on this planet he has dominated over the few thousand years he has been here have become obsessed with following in his footsteps. Somebody has got to stop him before he destroys all his people, and takes the Earth's First people with him.

His technology and industrial empires have created massive global warming that has substantially altered the earth's entire atmosphere, yet he continues to boldly go where no one in the created cosmos has ever gone before: THE SECOND DEATH OF NATURE AND THE IMPOSITION OF AN ARTIFICIAL WORLD IN PLACE OF A BROKEN NATURAL ONE.

If the people who live on this planet don't have the courage to put him in his place before he escapes to another planet to destroy it too, then nature herself will strike him down, and the soldiers who have marched to the beat of his drum will be struck down with him.


Ecological drag queens

His genetically engineered world and belief in endless material advancement and acquisition is surpassed only by "ecological drag queens" who, pretending to be something they are not, are afraid to put this pseudo-eco-engineer in check for fear of losing their goods and products of planetary photosynthesis.

Even as nature strikes back, she shows mercy; teaching, but still correcting the ecocidal tendencies of man. Consider the low death toll in all these man-made, eco-karmic regurgitated aggressions.

The measure of man/woman is the same measure of the land. The earth and the mind of man are one. The dust of this earth (the real essence of civilization) is the consecrated ancestral remains (literally the flesh and blood) of the eternal millions who came before us. Evidently, they are not resting in peace.

The planet is more powerful than the people, and as the planet strikes back, uncivilized man will learn that his arm is much too short to box with God.

  Minister Masada is an Eco-theologist, eco-feminist and eschatologist. She is a weekly columnist for numerous news papers and is an author, lecturer and researcher of matrilineal history. She is an advocate for mothers, a volunteer minister to prisoners, and organizer of petitions and letter-writing campaigns. She sells and donates books to numerous groups.