November 2001 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
  Urban forestry policies needed
    Last month, we introduced the topic of urban forestry as a significant component of energy efficiency. Here is a follow-up article on this current "hot" topic.
  Too many people
    Many parts of the world bear testimony to the devastation of natural environments brought on by the effects of overpopulation. Can we learn a lesson from others?
  Pardee Homes to unveil "Living Smart" in new San Diego community
  Ecology and economics: Protecting water resources is good business
  Southern Orange County: Conservation priorities for a biodiversity hotspot
National Issues
  The "real" deal about nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks
    An ex-military weapons expert brings a little sanity to the topic of these weapons of terror.
  What can we do about terrorism?
    Current US actions focus on stopping terrorism without addressing the root causes.
  Advancing human security and controlling terrorism
    Our most effective weapon against terrorism might just be a global development program, similar to the post WWII Marshall Plan, to help end suffering and poverty around the world.
  Tax top of the food chain for environmental sustainability
  Structural engineer to research best ways to stabilize seaside cliffs
Livable Communities
  Smart codes equals smart roads
  Metallic Power delivers zinc/air fuel cell prototypes for AQMD
  LSU researcher finds new petroleum production method
  Eco-economy offers alternative to Middle East oil
    For the first time is history, we have all the pieces of technology required to break the grip of oil. Do we have the resolve to do it?
  A working model transport system
    Denmark has a high standard of living and no freeway gridlock. Do they know something we don't?
Diet & Health
  Simple steps can reduce dust mite allergens in bedrooms
  The skinny on cooking oils
  Western diet might bring western disease
Pollution and Waste
  New system removes roadway contaminants