Nov '98 - Table of Contents

Election '98

  Ballot Box Realities
   How did environmental endorsements fare at the ballot box? It could have been worse.
  Victory for the environment in key national races
   Polling data shows that the environment rates as a top issue in targeted races.



  New book profiles "ordinary" environmental crusaders
   What transforms ordinary citizens farmers and housewives, teachers and soccer moms into environmental crusaders?
  Rolex recognizes scientist for seahorse conservation work
   Canadian researcher enables local fishermen in the central Philippines to conserve seahorse population and to develop alternative means of livelihood.


National Issues

  Zero cut policy: what if it really happened?
    A reader takes a look at forest management practices and proposes a middle ground to help make the U.S. Forest Service more sustainable


Global Ecology

 A more practical way to save tigers
   A new range-wide plan for conserving tigers in the wild.
 CMC blasts WTO sea turtle decision
   World Trade Organization rules against U.S. law that requires the banning of shrimp imports from countries whose fishing fleets do not use turtle excluder devices on their shrimp nets.
 Another pesticide surprise
   Investigations into worldwide frog population deformities and declines uncovers new pesticide toxin hazards.
 Rapid population growth is still a problem
   A population expert sorts through statistics and demographic peculiarities to clarify population concerns.


In Your Garden

 Put those perennials to bed for the winter
   A little care now will ensure spring blooms.
 Professor working on natural pesticides
   Two natural compounds from flax and cassava plants kill several common and costly insect pests.


Diet & Health

 Natural vitamin E supplements could save millions in U.S. health costs
   Simple vitamin supplement offers major reduction in nonfatal heart attacks.
 Meditation found to help chronic pain sufferers



 Researchers develop clean-burning synthetic diesel fuel
   New twist on an old process to convert natural gas to diesel fuel promises economy and reduced emissions.


Observations from the Edge

 Basking in the afterglow
   Out resident eco-radical reviews the election outcome.


San Diego EarthWorks

 Wanted: Earth Day 1999/2000 logo/design