Special Sierra Club event Jan. 19, 2002 - Buy tickets now

Afoot & Afield in Peñasquitos Canyon

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njoy a morning nature tour of Peñasquitos Canyon guided by Jerry Schad, author of Afoot & Afield in San Diego County, on Saturday, January 19th, from 9 am to 1 pm. After the hike, you will receive a copy of Afoot & Afield, an informative SD County hiking guidebook, 3rd Edition. (Jerry will write your special message and sign your book - a great holiday gift)

    Relax after the hike at a catered picnic lunch, including fresh juice smoothies donated by Juice Evolution. Price of the hike Includes one entry in a drawing for a weekend for two at the Nature Knowledge Workshop, with guided nature tours in the forests and fields of the Laguna Mountains and catered meals and cozy camping facilities.

    The hike will go for 2 miles over easy terrain. Tickets are $50.00 each. If you can't come, please consider supporting the Sierra Club Canyons Campaign with a tax deductible donation.

    This special event is limited to the first 40 individuals. To order tickets by mail, send a check for $50 per person to: Sierra Club, 3820 Ray St., San Diego, CA 92104. Please provide your name, address, phone number and (optional) email address. Tickets and directions will be mailed to you. (Note: the ticket price is not tax deductible, but additional donations are.)

More about Afoot & Afield...

    San Diego contains a wealth of natural scenery: coastal canyons, pine-crested mountains, hidden waterfalls, and spectacular desert landscapes. This 3rd edition hiking guidebook brings into sharp focus the vast spectrum of natural environments found in San Diego County, from coastal lagoons to desert mountains and every hike worth taking in the public lands of the county.

    Los Peñasquitos (meaning “little cliffs) Canyon Preserve stretches seven miles, from just east of I-15 to the I-5 and 805 merge, encompassing 3,720 acres. More than 500 plant species, more than 175 types of birds, and a great variety of reptiles, amphibians and mammals (including mountain lion, mule deer, bobcat, coyote, and raccoon) evidence the rich biodiversity of the canyon. Many of these species are rare or endangered and are protected within the Preserve.

    Native American history within the Preserve dates back as far as 7,000 years to the La Jollan culture. The tour will start with a quick visit at the “Rancho de los Peñasquitos” adobe.

    Learn about the many geologic formations and habitat types such as, the vernal pools with 500,000 year old soils, 120 - 140 year old sedimentary and rock deposits, waterfalls cascading through volcanic rock, a streamside forest of giant California live oaks, groves of majestic sycamore trees, fresh water marsh hosting a variety of aquatic birds including great blue heron, egret, ducks and more.

    The goals of the Sierra Club Canyons Campaign are to foster awareness, appreciation, and community involvement in protection of San Diego's unique open space canyons and to inform the public about the various threats to the natural habitats, endangered species, and wildlife thriving there.

    For more information, please call the Sierra Club Canyons Campaign, (619) 284-9399 or email savewetlandscompuserve.com.