December 2002 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 A Christmas story
 Balancing Progress With Preservation
  Remarks from a speech our Editor made to a San Diego Chamber of Commerce audience.
 Green Holiday Guide gives recycled bottles and cans a second chance this holiday season
 Not my problem: Californians see but don't feel pain of growth-related challenges facing state
  Little consensus about solutions, government's role in managing growth; most say low-income neighborhoods have greater needs, fewer resources.
 Catalog companies are selling nature short this holiday season
  Report blasts catalogers' failure to use recycled paper; so-called "nature" companies among worst offenders.
 Why do trees change color in the fall?
National Issues
 Golf course wetlands prove valuable environmental tool
Global Ecology
 New "Riding the Dragon" book pries open Shell Oil secrets, finds grave environmental abuses are continuing worldwide
 Aquaculture industry must embrace environmental ideology to grow
Marine Ecology
 Tiny phytoplankton play a large role in earth's climate system
  Microscopic plants keep planet warm, offers new considerations for iron fertilization efforts in the oceans.
 Sea turtle strandings reached record high last summer
 Adopt a nest of adorable sea turtle hatchlings
Pollution and Waste
 More evidence links pesticide use with amphibian decline
 California misses opportunity for cleaner water
  Growers would remain "waived" from state clean water act.
 Environmental Defense lawsuit forces EPA to protect public from smog
  Settlement will benefit millions in California exposed to harmful smog levels.
 What happens to rubber that wears off auto tires?
Diet & health
 Doctor links ailments to consumption of mercury-laden fish
Observations from the Edge
 "B" is for Bioregionalism: the other cultural construct