Junk that junk mail

by Paul Blackburn


o you hate seeing your mailbox stuffed full of junk mail that you immediately throw out or recycle? Have you ever accidentally thrown out important mail thinking it was junk mail? Then pickup the phone now! Call the numbers below. The five minutes you spend today will simplify your life and save boxes of paper. Also, please pass this information on to other San Diegans.

To stop receiving San Diego junk mail, call:

The Pennysaver (619) 576-6137
Val-Pak (619) 560-7606
LeMail (619) 560-7606
Advo (619) 584-1011
The Adworks (619) 271-0707
Union Tribune (619) 293-1457

To stop receiving solicitations for credit cards, call: TRW-Target Marketing Services, (800) 527-3933. TRW will also take you off two other credit bureaus, Equifax Options andTrans Union.

To remove your name from the list which 70 percent of national direct marketers use, send a post card with your name and address in all the forms it appears to:

Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735

(212) 768-7277

 Paul Blackburn is the Sierra Club, San Diego Chapter, Conservation Coorinator and staff member.