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SDDT 3/3/03 Operation End Extremism
… That's what we really need right now: a movement to end extremism. Let's go see what this is about. The moment of hope began to fade when I tuned into the fact that it was a Senate Committee. Environment and Public works – an odd place to go after extremism, I think. But wait. It turns out the extremism they mean are environmental protections. The extremists they mean, it seems, include me.
SDDT 6/12/02 Plan before power
Bills are being pursued in the State legislature ... to give more land-use power to the San Diego Association of Governments by establishing it as the official, state-mandated regional government.
SDDT 5/27/02 Protect What Merits Protection
On May 1, 2002, Watt Commercial Properties had workers chop down three mature jacaranda trees in downtown San Diego.
SDDT 2/25/02 Fired Up
The history of California’s beautiful landscapes has been greatly shaped by the awesome power of fire.
SDDT 4/23/01 Local EARTH Awards on April 26 In celebration of Earth Day 2001, San Diego EarthWorks has announced this year's winners of the EARTH (Environmental Action & Restoration That Helps) Awards. The EARTH Awards recognize San Diego businesses, government agencies, community leaders, and non-profit organizations that are making a positive difference for the environment.
SDET 4/01 Sea Whirled

First, the Chargers, then the Padres. Now, it's Anheuser-Busch/SeaWorld looking for their special treatment from City Council.

SDDT 9/25/00 Pointless pollution Polluted runoff is considered by the state to be the leading cause of receiving water quality impairment.
SDDT 5/15/00 Blame Game Wetlands vs. Roads
SDDT 5/8/00 Friendly Polluters Mission Bay, Sea World and water pollution
SDDT 4/3/00 Sprawlitics County rezone of agricultural preserves
SDDT 10/11/99  Sludge Fund Mission Bay Park, pollution & $$
SDDT 6/28/99 Getting with the program Recycled products purchasing co-op
SDDT 6/14/99 Interesting Times Environmental revolution?
SDDT 4/26/99 Pollution Politics Persist Water pollution
SDDT 3/22/99 Course correction  Business & Sustainability
SDDT 3/8/99 Driving Evolution Green cars & trucks
SDDT 1/12/99 Political Species MSCP lawsuit
SDDT 1/5/99 Extinction Politics Endangered Species Act & MSCP
SDDT 12/7/98 Sustainable Water Future State water blueprint
SDDT 11/23/98 Cut taxes, save the world Harnessing the market for the environment
SDDT 10/12/98 Politically Confused Governor & environment -- NOT
SDDT 10/5/98 Congressional Attachments Congress & environment -- NOT
SDDT 9/14/98 Sprawling America Suburban sprawl growth
SDDT 8/31/98 Don't inhale or Keep on Breathin' Alternatives to diesel
SDDT 8/17/98 Putting a Price on Mom Ecology, economics & growth
SDDT 7/20/98 21st Century Infrastructure: Builders Wanted Science, environment & growth
SDDT 6/29/98 Port Misauthority Port of San Diego
SDDT 5/25/98 The Price Is Not Right Price distortions & environment
SDDT 5/8/98 Quite a vision or Growing Up? Urban growth/open space
SDDT 5/1/98 Growth vs. evolution Sustainability
SDDT 4/13/99 Cut Polluter Pork Cut pollution subsidies
SDDT 3/23/98 Water Efficiency State water systems
SDDT 3/9/98 Support South Bay's natural infrastructure Wildlife refugs
SDDT 3/2/98 Going, Going, Gone Endangered biodiversity
SDDT 2/23/98 All Wet Local flooding issues
SDDT 1/12/98 Growing the Future Our addiction to growth
SDDT 12/15/97 Pipe Dreams California's water supply
SDDT 11/24/97 Back of the Bus Multiple Species Conservation Plan
SDDT 11/17/97  Wets up? Wetlands protection